Best Small Portable Ice Maker Machines for Home Reviews In 2018

Do you want to beat the heat and thirst with a delicious cold drink? Well, ice maker Machines are one kitchen appliances that will help you do so. These home appliances are actually a dream come true for those that love to chew ice throughout the day. They allow you to enjoy a soothing cold drink, especially during the hot summer. These machines are flexible and their great portability enables you to take them with you on your camping trips. There are hundreds of ice maker models on the market. However, we are going to focus on the best models that are exceptionally appealing.

Table of the Best Small Portable Ice Maker Machines

8. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker Machines

Ice Maker Machines

This is a compact sized machine that has the ability to make plenty of ice that will get you through the next day. It is really fast and makes 26 pounds of ice within a 24-hour duration. This machine will allow you to enjoy fresh ice within 6 minutes and comes with two size options for enhanced flexibility. A single cycle generally takes 6 to 9 minutes and delivers a total of 9 ice cubes. The included LED lights warn you when the water level is low or when the ice making process has been complete. This machine features a quite operation to prevent any disturbance to those around.

  • Its design is convenient and compact.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is portable.

7. Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH White Portable Ice Maker with LCD Display

Ivation Portable High Capacity Ice Maker

This machine incorporates a daily capacity of 26.5 pounds. It features a reservoir that can accommodate 2.8 liters of water. Every fill of the reservoir can produce 2.2 pounds of ice. Each cycle takes 6 minutes and offers three size options to choose from. This machine makes proper utilization of water by allowing surplus ice to melt back into the reservoir. You can choose to commence and stop the ice making process at specified times. The auto shutoff features halt the process whenever the bucket is full of ice.

6. NewAir AI-100R 28- Red and Pound Portable Icemaker

NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker

This machine has the capacity to make 28 pounds of ice within a 24-hour period. It provides three size options to choose from. A single cycle takes between 6-10 minutes. Each batch delivers 1-2 cups of ice. The machine has an ice holding capacity of 0.5 gallons. The best thing about this machine is that it does not require installation. This considerably saves on your kitchen space.

5. Sunpentown IM-150US Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer

Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker

This machine is designed to be installed beneath your kitchen counter to save on space. It is made of durable stainless steel that guarantees long-lasting service. This machine incorporates a daily processing capacity of 12 pounds. Each tray is designed to dispense 5 ounces of ice. This machine can comfortably accommodate 6 pounds of ice.

4. NewAir AI-100S 28-Pound and Silver Portable Ice Maker

NewAir AI-100S 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker

This unit is designed to produce 28 pounds of ice on a daily basis. The machine makes ice in batches with each delivering 9 ice cubes. Each cycle takes less than 15 minutes to complete. It offers the option of selecting between large, medium, or small size. The compact design featured by this machine makes it an excellent choice for those that have limited space in their kitchen.

3. RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker

RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker

This machine allows you to enjoy 26 pounds of ice daily. It features a batch size of 8 ice cubes. Each batch only takes 6 minutes. The machine comes with various controls that allow you to select between small or large size options. It features a storage capacity of 1.5 pounds. The water utilized during the ice making process is stored in a 2.18-liter reservoir.

2. Whynter IMC-490SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker

Whynter IMC-490SS Portable Ice Maker

This machine delivers a whopping 49 pounds of ice in just a single day. Each batch incorporates a total of 12 ice cubes and takes only 10 minutes to complete. This machine offers three size options that include large, medium, or small ice cubes. The water used in the process is contained in a 5-liter reservoir. The ice storage compartment can hold 2.7 pounds of ice at a time.

1. EdgeStar IB120SS 12-lbs Stainless Steel Black Ice Maker

EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker

This 350-watt machine makes 12 pounds of ice daily. Unlike countertop units, it does not require you to manually fill it with water. Instead, it features a 25-foot, 1/4-inch plastic tubing that automatically supplies it with water. It comes with a freezer compartment that can hold a maximum of 6 pounds of ice. The machine is designed to automatically shut off when the ice bucket is full.

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