Best Portable Ice Maker Machines for Home Reviews

If you love cold drinks, then an ice maker machine is a must-have kitchen appliance. Ice makers are one of those machines that make life a lot easier. You’re saved the hassles of buying ice cubes by helping you make ice pretty fast. Some of the best ice maker machines on the market can help you make ice in minutes saving. They are quite fast compared to freezers and come in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

In this post, we are helping you identify the top-rated ice maker machines on the market. These are the best picks from all brands that you can buy with confidence knowing you will get a good value for your money.

Table of the Best Portable Ice Maker Machines

10. hOmeLabs Electric Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top

Ice Maker Machines

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This is a portable ice maker machine with capabilities to make 26 pounds of ice a day. It is a versatile choice when you have parties or friends around. The machine can also store up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time. It delivers beautiful 9-piece bullet shaped ice cubes that are ready for use in 8-12 minutes. It is a modern machine featuring modern refrigeration. The machine operates silently and shuts off automatically when full. It comes with a BPA free plastic scoop and a removable ice basket. Overall, this is an excellent ice maker that is ready to use out of the box.


  • Quiet cooling technology
  • 9-bullet shaped ice cubes in 8-12 minutes
  • Deliver a maximum 26 pounds of ice cubes a day
  • A storage capacity of 1.5 pounds of ice
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9. Costzon Built-In Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Costzon Built-In Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

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This is a free-standing stainless steel construction ice maker with a large bin capacity of 33lbs. It is another excellent ice making machine capable of delivering 48 cubes per cycle. Overall, the machine can produce a massive 110 pounds of ice cubes a day. Ice cubes are made in a few 12 to 18 minutes making the machine the perfect choice for parties. The free-standing design allows you to install the machine anywhere in the house. It also comes with all the required accessories like the ice shovel, 80-inch pipe of water, quick connector filter and much more.


  • Ambient 10-43 degrees C temperature
  • 90 percent ambient humidity
  • 48 cubes of ice per cycle
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Free-standing design

8. RCA Red Compact Ice Maker

Compact Ice Maker

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The Compact ice maker machine is an excellent addition when you have limited space in the kitchen. It is a sleek, beautiful machine that looks stunning in your kitchen. The machine makes ice cubes in a short six minutes. Overall, it delivers 26 pounds of ice in a day with a capacity to hold 1.5 pounds of ice. You can make two size pieces of ice of your choice and get to enjoy cold treated drinks with ease. It is pretty easy to control and features electronic LED controls.


  • 2.3 Quart reservoir
  • Makes 26 pounds of ice a day
  • Stores up to 1.5 lbs of ice
  • Compact and sleek design

7. FirstBuild Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

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This is a much more affordable choice for people on a budget but one that can help you make great ice cubes fast. The machine delivers 1 pound of ice cubes every hour with a capacity to hold up to 3lbs. It is a portable design that will fit on the countertop and plug into an electrical outlet. It is also speed and efficient delivering ice cubes within 20 minutes. Overall, this is a lovely design that will enable you to make enough ice cubes when having a party or friends over for dinner.


  • Efficient and fast with 20 minutes of production time
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Plus easily to any electrical output
  • Bluetooth capability to allow you to set the ice making schedule from anywhere in the home
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6. Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Stainless Steel Icemaker

 Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker

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The Igloo is one of the best brands on the market with excellent customer reviews and recommendations. Our pick of the Igloo ICE103 will offer you excellent service with a choice for three different ice cubes sizes. You can choose to have small, medium or large ice cubes depending on your taste. The ice maker can deliver a maximum of 26 pounds of ice a day. It features an over-sized bucket capable of holding 2.2 lbs a day. It also works fast, and you can enjoy the first batch within six minutes.


  • Choice of three sized ice cubes of small, medium and large
  • Delivers the first batch within six minutes
  • Portable and sturdy stainless steel construction
  • 26 pounds of ice a day

5. Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker

Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker

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The Whynter ice maker machine is another excellent free-standing installation selection that allows for ease of use. It is an excellent addition to your kitchen with a capacity of 12 pounds of ice in 24 hours. It features a sturdy stainless steel door, black cabinet, ice bin and ice scoop for long-lasting use.  This ice maker can store up to 6lbs of ice which is quite massive compared to most machines on the market. You simply have enough ice cubes to use on the go. It also comes with a 24-foot ½-inch line connection which is rated food grade.


  • Stores a massive 6 lbs of ice
  • Makes 12 lbs of ice cubes a day
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Built-in free-standing installation

4. Della Portable Digital Ice Maker with Easy-Touch Button

Della Portable Ice Maker Easy-Touch Buttons

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The Della Portable Ice Maker is a quality option that can easily be used anywhere in the home. It is an efficient and pretty fast machine delivering fresh ice in a short six minutes.  The machine can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in a day. It is a sleek machine with two selectable ice sizes. It also features a removable tray for efficient ice removal. The operation of the machine is quite simple with an easy-to-push button. Intuitive buttons also allow for easy digital control.


  • 26 pounds of ice a day
  • Intuitive digital control buttons
  • Sleek design
  • Two selectable cup sizes
  • Makes fresh ice in a record six minutes
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3. Best Portable Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

Portable Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

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Best Choice Ice Maker is a portable selection made using the highest quality stainless steel metal for long-lasting durability. It is an excellent choice ideal for commercial ice cubes needs. It allows for ice cube size adjustment to suit the customer taste and preference. The frequency of adjustment is up to 99 pounds of ice in 24 hours which is quite massive to serve all your commercial needs. The cycles are short and range from 11-20 minutes.  Other excellent features include the auto timing settings that allow automatic self-cleaning.


  • Adjustable ice cube sizes
  • Adjust to deliver up to 99 pounds of ice a day
  • Auto timed settings for automatic self-cleaning
  • Durable stainless steel construction

2. EdgeStar IB120SS 12 lbs Built-In Ice Maker – Stainless Steel

EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

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The EdgeStar is another convenient ice maker with a front venting for freestanding installation.  The maker is height compliant to ADA and features a reversible door for right and left wing.  It also features a 25-foot long ¼ inch water line connection. It is a quality machine that makes up to 12 pounds of ice a day and has a storage capacity of 6 pounds of ice. The unit is pretty versatile and can also operate as freezer keeping the ice frozen. It is quite easy to install and has a simple on/off power switch. Automatic shut off takes place when the ice is full.


  • Automatic shut off on full ice
  • Easy start on/off power switch
  • Front venting for built-in free standing
  • 12 pounds of ice a day
  • 6 pounds of storage capacity

1. Della Premium Portable Ice Maker Portable – 26lbs

Della Premium Ice Maker

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The Della premium ice maker is our final pick and a great one with a lovely silver finish to look stunning in your home. It is a sleek design ice maker with a maximum capacity of 26 pounds of ice a day. The maker is very convenient and pretty easy to use. Ice maker operates silently, and you get to enjoy your ice cubes in a short six minutes. It is a pretty massive maker ideal for parties. It features a well-insulated integrated storage bin. The compact and portable design directly connects to a water line for direct water tapping. Overall, this is a great choice with a large 1.8 pounds storage capacity.


  • Portable and compact
  • 1.8 pounds of storage capacity
  • Convenient freestanding design
  • 26 pounds of ice per day


Make sure you choose the best ice maker machines from our list above if you’re looking to get more than just quality. These are the sturdiest and most efficient ice maker machines on the market to serve you for long. Select one today and order with confidence knowing you’re getting the best brands on the market.

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