Top 10 Best Full Face Respirators for Gas Protection Reviews In 2020

Full face respirators offer protection from poisonous chemicals and gases when working in mining and various field industries. They are excellent devices that ensure we don’t inhale bad gases. You will also see anti-riot police offers to wear them when dispersing people using teargases. Full face respirators offer maximum protection at work areas and must be worn by both the employers and the employee. However, choosing the best full-face respirator is no easy task due to the numerous models on the market.

While greater choices are always a good thing, this creates a selection headache for consumers. This is why we’ve created this extensive post to help you choose the best. We’ve narrowed 13down your search of full-face respirators to just ten that we think rank top. Read on and buy with confidence.

Table of the Best Full Face Respirators Reviews

10. 3M Mold Remediation Respirator Kit 68097 – Respiratory Protection

Full Face Respirators

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This is a highly rated full face respirator that is sold as a full kit with particulate filters and a full facepiece. It is a kit you will use out of the box without buying any extra accessories. The kit helps offer protection from low-level organic levels and organic compounds produced by mould. It features wide lenses that offer a good view of the work area. This is a lightweight and balanced face respirator for all-day comfort. It is also easy to wear with silicone face seal cushions.


  • Easy to wear with du
  • durable silicone cushions
  • Balanced and lightweight for comfort
  • Complete kit for immediate use
  • Large lens for a wide view
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9. SCK Organic Full Face Gas Vapor Respirator Mask

SCK Organic Vapor Respirator, Full Face Paint Respirator

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The SCK is a quality full-face respirator from a registered and recognized the brand in the United States. The respirator features a comfortable design for long working hours. It features premium quality material construction. This respirator is durable, easy to clean and prevent allergy. This mask is a versatile choice applicable to a wide range. Full face mask protects from vapours and organic gases like benzene, aniline, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, chlorine and many more. It also comes with a filter cartridge making it a great buy.


  • Includes two organic filter cartridges
  • Wide application
  • Comfortable design
  • Premium material construction

8. 3M 07163 Large Organic Vapor Full-Facepiece Respirators

3M 07163 Full Facepiece Respirator

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This is another quality full-face respirator for eye and respiratory protection. It is made face respirator that will serve in a wide range of applications.  The respirator protects from vapour and other gas chemicals. It features filter retainers, organic vapour cartridges and face shield covers. Overall, this is a large face respirator with wide lenses to offer a clear view as you work.


  • Eye and respiratory protection
  • Wide lenses for a better view
  • Lightweight weighing only one pound
  • Easy to fit with straps at the back

7. 3M Ultimate FX Full Face Reusable Respirator Protection

3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator

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This is another full-face reusable respirator and a great selection on our list to consider buying this year. It is a highly rated respirator measuring 9.25 inches high, 5.75 inches long and 7.94 inches wide.  The respirator features a Scotchgard protection keeping it safe from paints and stains. It is easy to clean by wiping.  The respirator features wide lenses that offer excellent visibility. It is a quality choice with cool valves that make it easier to breathe. Communication is also enhanced through a passive speaking diaphragm.


  • Enhanced communication through the passive speaking diaphragm
  • Wipes clean for easy cleaning
  • Wide lenses for better visibility
  • Valves for easy breathing

6. BearHoHo Full Face Piece Reusable Respirator Gas Mask

BearHoHo Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator Gas Mask

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The Bear HoHo is a lightweight and well-balanced full face respirator compatible with all 3M filter cartridges. It is a widely used face respirator with a wide lens that offers a large field of view. This ensures you have better visibility when working. It is comfortable and easy to wear a respirator with silicone face cushions. There is a further centre adapter that directs the exhaled air downwards for easy breathing and reducing fogging.


  • Reduced fogging due to a centre adapter that directs exhaled air downwards
  • Large lens for a wide field of view
  • Compatible with 3M cartridge filters
  • Well-balanced and lightweight

5. Honeywell 766184 Survivair Opti-Fit Silicone Full Face Respirator

Honeywell 766184 Survivair Opti-Fit Silicone Full Facepiece Respirator

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The Honeywell full-face respirators are another highly rated brand in the industry to consider buying from with confidence. The respirator is sturdily made and features a nose cup to prevent fogging. It also features moulded speaking diaphragm that makes communication better. You also get a wide area of view due to the large lenses. Overall, this respirator fits perfectly with straps attached to the face rim to avoid any distortion and reduce pressure points.


  • Nose cup that prevents fogging
  • Moulded speaking diaphragm for enhanced communications
  • Wide viewing area
  • Straps to reduce pressure points

4. Zinnor Full Face Gas Organic Vapor Respirator Mask

Zinnor Full Face Gas Organic Vapor Respirator Mask 

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The Zinnor face respirator is another comfortable choice that fits closely to the face for maximum protection. It is a versatile respirator ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This is a suitable choice for users that wear respirators for long hours. It features large windows made of high definition polycarbonate to make it pretty clear. There is a further downward cooled air valve the removes the hot exhaled air to prevent fogging in the mask. It also features valves that open when inhaling and close when exhaling. This ensures the mask is always full of fresh air. Overall, this is a comfortable respirator with an adjustable silicone belt to get the right amount of tightness.


  • High-quality adjustable silicone belt for a custom fit
  • Old airflow exhalation valve
  • Large windows for a better view
  • Smooth breathing

3. SAS Safety Opti-Fit Medium Full-Face APR Respirator

SAS Safety Opti-Fit Medium Full-Face APR Respirator

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This is a quality NIOSH approved full-face respirator. It is easy to use a respirator and a comfortable one that allows for long working hours. The respirator features a nose cup to prevent fogging, and 5-point had straps for a perfect fit. This is a durable pick with a silicone skirt for maximum comfort. The lenses are large and offer a wide viewing area for better visibility.


  • The replaceable 5-point head strap
  • Large viewing area
  • Nose cup to prevent fogging
  • NIOSH approved

2. SCK Professional Full Face Gas Respirator Mask

SCK Full Face Respirator Gas Mask

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This is a premium quality gas mask from the leading brands in the US. It is one of the best full-face respirators on the market with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.  The mask is sturdily made using premium materials. It is a comfortable design that fits a wide range of applications. The large lens offers a wide viewing area while the silicone material is allergy-free and more comfortable to wear. Overall, the mask comes with two vapour cartridges and a reusable facepiece.


  • Comfortable design
  • Large viewing area
  • Allergy-free and comfortable silicone material
  • Wide application

1. Induschoice Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator Mask

Induschoice Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator Mask

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This is our final selection and one of the best face masks with a premium quality construction. The respirator features high-quality silicone material. It is super easy to clean, durable and feels soft.  It features a double filtration system that makes it pretty easy to inhale and exhale. A breathing valve and dual filters ensure you’re fully protected from toxic gases. This is a widely used face respirator in paints, CS mask, polish, chemicals, and pesticide application.


  • Wide applications
  • Durable and comfortable
  • High-quality silicone material
  • Efficient filtration system


This brings us to the end of the best full-face respirators on the market. Make sure you have a respirator on when working in areas suspected to have dangerous chemicals and gases. You can buy one from the list above with confidence knowing you have full value for your money.

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