Best Floor Transmission Jacks For Sale Reviews

For any do-it-yourself person, or professionals working in a garage, the good transmission jacks will be vital to your work. A jack is a tool that lifts heavy loads using either a mechanical screw thread or more modern hydraulic power. Transmission jacks in particular use hydraulics to lift vehicles so new transmission or other parts can be installed. Despite their simple nature, there are several features to consider when picking one out for your individual needs.

For starters, weight capacity is the most important feature. DIY jobs can usually work fine with 1000 or less lb capacity, while professional shops should look towards those with a weight capacity of 2000+ lbs. When checking out transmission jacks, the maximum lifting capacity will be listed. The jack‘s range of motion will determine how much clearance you can safely get out of it.

This will include its minimum height and its maximum height. There are also two types of designs regarding jacks: low profile and high lifts. Low profile ones wedge underneath vehicles, making it ideal if you have less space to work with or have limited access. High lifts are superior at lifting larger vehicles but can be a bit more difficult to manoeuvre unless you have a dedicated working area. Durability and stability go hand in hand, with a wider leg base to help compensate for larger lift loads. Finally, user-friendly features like foot pedals, manoeuvrable wheels, and other add-on tools are appreciated.

Table of the Best Floor Transmission Jacks

10. Torin TR4053 Pedestal Transmission Jacks – 1/2 Ton Capacity

Transmission Jacks

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With its 1/2 ton capacity, this pedestal transmission jack combines power with convenience. It has a minimum lifting height of 49.6 inches and reaches up to 68.7 inches using its high lift design. It uses durable steel and dipped enamel finish in its construction. This jack has been designed to work with both in-ground and above-ground lifts, making it simple to remove or install transmission from any car or light truck. The quad leg base feature 3 inches, steel wheels for easier movement. The saddle can adjust to fit different size transmissions, and the safety chain is equally adaptable.

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9. Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jacks

Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack

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With its simple design and effective lifting capacity, this high lift, hydraulic transmission jack is a good pickup. It has a height range of 51-1/8 inches to 70-7/8 inches and a max weight capacity of 1000 lbs. The 4 swivel metal casters on the 24-1/2 x 23-inch base give it a strong balance between manoeuvrability and stability. It also comes with removable saddles with 2 different stages.

8. OTC 1728 1000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

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Combining its unique design that gives the user more control over lifting, OTC doesn’t disappoint with this high lift transmission jack. If you’re a professional working in the field, this high-end jack is among the best choices for the job. The foot pedal design gives you more command over the lifting process, while the air assists the first stage gives you a nice boost in speed. Meanwhile, the second stage uses hydraulic power for more precision. It features a height range of 34-1/2 to 75 inches and a weight capacity of 1000 lbs, making it one of the most versatile tools on the market.

7.  Low Profile Transmission Engine Jack Lift – 1000 LB

Low Profile Transmission Engine Jack Lift

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If you’re looking for a cheap jack lift for simpler tasks, check out this one. It uses a low profile design, allowing it to easily slot underneath your vehicle. It uses four 2 inch metal swivel casters and includes 4 adjustable load support arms. This lets you adjust to all transmission pan designs. The lift height ranges from 8″ to 21-7/8″ making it acceptable for smaller jobs. It comes with safety chains and has a 1/2 ton max weight capacity.

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6. Transmission Jack 2 Stage Hydraulic for car lift auto lift

Transmission Jack

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Featuring a fully adjustable saddle with corner brackets, this mid-range priced high lift is excellent for slightly larger vehicles. It comes with an above market average 1500 lbs weight capacity, and a foot operated a pump. This allows mechanics to use both hands when it comes to positioning and aligning the transmission. The stable 4 leg base features casters for mobility, and the lift range of 34″ – 70″ is appreciated.

5. American Forge 3180 Transmission Jack

American Forge 3180 Transmission Jack

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For those looking for a high-end heavy duty low profile transmission jack, check out this one from American Forge. It features an impressive 2-ton weight capacity, and it weighs a hefty 374 pounds itself. This gives you the satisfaction and stability while working on vehicles without the fear of it tipping over or collapsing. It comes with a 2-inch handle that pivots a full 360 degrees around the pump. The adjustable saddle has a solid range of tilt for simpler alignment with transmissions. This amount of versatility is great considering how much power it packs.

4. Heavy Duty 1/2 Ton Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jack


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With its 1/2 ton weight capacity, this heavy duty transmission jack will get the job done efficiently. The overall dimensions measure 29 x 30 x 38 inches, making it fairly reasonably sized for a high profile jack lift. It has a minimum height of 34-5/8 inches and a max height of 73-5/8 inches. The first stage stroke measures 19-1/2 inches while the 2nd stage stroke matches that distance.

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3. Hydraulic Telescoping Transmission Tranny Jack Lift Hoist

Transmission Tranny Jack Lift Hoist

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Featuring a red and black heavy duty powder coat finish, this durable and effective transmission jack is convenient to use and has plenty of power. It has a max clearance height of 72 inches, and a minimum height of 34 inches. It comes with 2 28 inch chains, and the base measures a stable 31 x 25 inches. The foot pump allows for hands-free operation, while the multi-angle adjustment on the top makes it simple to adapt to different model transmissions.

2. Iglobalbuy Hydraulic Telescoping Transmission Jack

Transmission Jack

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This hydraulic telescoping jack from Iglobalbuy is a solid pickup for a mid-range price. It has an 1100 lb weight capacity and a foot pedal that has a versatile 360-degree swivel. It has a height range of 34″ to 70″, a 26″ safety chain, and a saddle tilt range of up to 30 degrees. With a 3 year warranty and durable metal construction, you can feel secure with this transmission jack at your side.

1. HTJ-1000 1,000 lb Hi-Rise Transmission Jack

Transmission Jack

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If you’re looking for one of the highest rated transmission jacks on the market, look no further than this one from Gray. This popular tool features a half ton lifting capacity and has a height range from 37.5 to 72 inches. The saddle has an excellent tilt range of up to 40 degrees, making it a snap to fit any size transmission on it. It also features air pressure of 90 to 160 psi, and the stable metal construction will give you the confidence to perform any task.

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