Best Cordless Carpet & Hardwood Floor Sweepers

Floor sweepers happen to be one of the most important things in your everyday life as it can help you clean various places in your home in the best way. These sweepers have been designed with premium materials so that you can have the best of cleaning results at your home without much help from others. Also, the design aids in less back pain and offers a comfortable grip for a better experience. But most importantly, it gives your home a spotless look and makes it hygienic.

But which model shall we buy? To aid you in this process, we have jotted the best floor sweepers you can buy from online and keep it at your home for great results. Each comes with efficient features and great durability for the longtime running.

Table of the Best Carpet & Floor Sweepers Reviews

10. Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper

Floor Sweepers

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If cleaning up the house in the best way is your concern, then this sweeper from Fuller Brush is what you can rely on as it has a brilliant construction and used premium quality materials for enhanced results. It is handy, has a very compact design and also extremely portable for all around cleaning of the house. Now you need to worry about any kind of dirt as it can pick almost everything from pet hair to paper clips.

Key features

  • Can be used on any type of floors.
  • Features metal housing for added durability.
  • Has vinyl bumper that saves your furniture from damage.

9. Bissell Sweep Cordless Carpet & Floor Sweepers

Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3 Cordless Sweeper

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An attractive design combined with a brilliant finish and looks, the cordless floor sweeper from Bissell is what you need at your house if dirt and debris have been causing you serious troubles. It can be used smartly on both carpet floors and bare floors, so you have the benefit of diverse application in your hand. Further, it is cordless, thus nothing to cling on to or tangle with and even lacks a dustpan, making your job much easier.

Key features

  • Comes with a dirt pan that is easy to empty.
  • Features the ability of 7 brush system.

8. Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper

Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo

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This model of a sweeper that gets the reliability of Bissell combines the use of innovative as well as advanced technology to provide you with the perfect cleaning session always. Along with being perfect for rugs, carpets, or bare floors, the motorized function will clean away efficiently all the unwanted dirt and debris. To make it easier to use, you get the benefit of a dirt container that can be loaded at the top.

Key features

  • Works for 60 minutes without power as it has 7.2 V of power.
  • Notification light to remind you of your charging status.
  • Ease of usage design.

7. Bissell 2101B Sweep-Up Carpet Sweeper

Bissell 2101B Sweep-Up Sweeper

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Designed to keep your house and its belongings clean, the 2101 B from Bissell features a set of a unique brush to clean all the dirt and debris in a to and fro motion. The absence of the plug-in cord makes it easier to handle while the sweeper also does not have a dustpan, thus the convenience of usage is guaranteed. Moreover, the dustpan that comes with the floor sweeper is extremely easy to clean and empty, thus provides you all-around comfort.

Key features

  • No need for a belt for working.
  • The brush works on all kinds of surfaces.

6. EasyEdge H-SWEEPERMG Lightweight Hard Floor Sweeper

Easy Edge H-Sweepermg Floor Sweeper

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Tired of using traditional back-breaking brooms that cause more harm than good? The Easy Edge sweeper for the floor is what you can trust to effectively clean all the mess without causing trouble to your back. It has the power of 3 brushes to clean everything from dust to crumbs and features an inbuilt dustpan so that no extra mess stays back to make your job of cleaning a difficult affair.

Key features

  • Capable of picking up even larger debris with nothing but a push.
  • Cordless, completely manual operation, thus no hassles of electricity or batteries.

5. Shark Ultra-Light Cordless Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

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It’s extremely lightweight, has a very user-friendly design and also features powerful brush roll to reward you with a cleaning experience which you can actually be proud of. To make working with it easier, Shark Ninja features a back saver handle that allows effortless working. Besides, it can be used on all types of surfaces even with carpets and the 2-speed brush roll it features take out everything from the walls and edges.

Key features

  • Comes with a foldable handle for even the hard to reach areas.
  • Has an impressive 55 minutes of run time with one charge.
  • Swivel steering rewards you with enhanced manoeuvrability.

4. Bissell Sweep-Up Cordless Sweeper

Bissell Sweep-Up Cordless Sweeper

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Bissell is one of the very fine names you can trust with when it comes to sweepers for the floor. Owing to their brilliant design and use of top-notch materials for construction, their products are something which can help you in effortless working always. In this particular model, working is extremely easy as it features no dustpan or cords that can cause tangle when you move it here and there. Furthermore, this model is capable of cleaning up a wide range of debris like lint, crumbs and everyday dirt.

Key features

  • The flat handle allows for easy cleaning even under furniture.
  • Sweeper uses a forward-backwards motion for cleaning, thus requires no added power.
  • Warranty of 1 year.

3. Ewbank 525 Speedsweep Manual Carpet Sweeper

Ewbank 525 Handy Floor and Carpet Sweeper

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The Ewbank sweeper can be a smart addition to your cleaning equipment list as this has a very lightweight and compact design which makes it easy to work with and store whenever you are not using it. Then you get the trust of brushes which are equally durable and assure long life. As this model requires no power or batteries, it is a completely silent machine to keep you going without catching a lot of attention.

Key features

  • It has an impressive 20 cm wide cleaning path.
  • Causes no trouble in cleaning under the furniture as the main unit lies flat.
  • Features underside emptying of the waste bin.

2. Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweepers

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper

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This model from Fuller brush is one of the easiest to use and handy floor sweepers which can aid in quick as well as easy cleaning without causing you to sweat much. This can be used on a diverse range of floors like tiles and what not. The electrostatic charge it uses for cleaning presents you with highly efficient cleaning and it even folds in a flat pattern thus even making it easy to store when not in use.

Key features

  • Comes with reversible cleaning power thus cleans all kinds of dirt and debris.
  • Impressive 9” cleaning path for wide cleaning area.

1. Bissell 2402 Sturdy Sweep Sweeper

Bissell Sturdy Sweep Sweeper

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This Bissell floor sweeper is one of the very best models of the cordless sweeper for carpet and floor and thus is featured at the very top of the list. With the reliability of imported quality, you can never go wrong with its long life and even it has a stainless steel construction that adds to the durability. The non-slip grip assures you a comfortable working whenever you want to and is capable of picking up everything as it has 4 edge cleaning brushes along with a central brush roll.

Key features

  • Comes with a rubber bumper to ensure no damage to the furniture at your house.
  • Only 3 pounds of self-weight.
  • Works without power and works on both carpet and bare floors.

Obtain a spotless surrounding as an excellent floor sweeper can clean out all the dirt or unwanted residues from your lovely house.

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