Top 7 Best Floor Fans / Tower Fans Reviews In 2018

Floor fans are a wonderful way to circulate air in your home, particularly during the hot summer days when the temperatures are high and the air is stale. The fans provide powerful ventilation and airflow at foot level, making them perfect for not only homes but also warehouses, offices, garages, and factories. They get air flowing better in areas where your air conditioner or swamp cooler can’t reach and are perfect for areas where mounting a fan on a ceiling or wall just isn’t possible.

Designed to occupy a little space, these convenient fans usually stand on the floor, but you could place them on sturdy furniture based on where you need air to circulate. They fit with ease in corners or out-of-the-way areas, unlike box fans or large pedestal. Some of these fans are even so quiet that you’ll forget they’re running. Additionally, some of them feature sleek and trim silhouettes that can complement any room’s décor. The following is a review of the best floor fans. Click here to read more about the window fan reviews.

Table of the Best Floor Fans Reviews

7. Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan

Floor Fans

This fan delivers a cool breeze with two speeds to choose from. The fan’s streamlined design is tall and slim, giving it a stylish and elegant look, and with a diameter of 4-inch, the fan is perfect for fitting into small spaces. The electronic controls feature blue LED power lights and oscillation buttons to ensure easy operation. The fan’s quiet operation makes it perfect for use in the office. Also, it comes fully assembled and ready for use.

6. Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

Floor Fans

With three speeds for tailored comfort, this tower fan is the most ideal cooling device for your bedroom or living room. It features a top-mounted panel with LED lights, making the temperature controls very easy to operate, even for people with imperfect vision. The automatic shut-off timer is useful for people wishing to cool their homes for pets. This fan comes with a remote, giving you the freedom to change settings from a distance. Also, it’s lightweight and features an integrated carry handle for easy portability. With its wide area oscillation coverage, this fan is perfect for full-room cooling.

5. Lasko 2264QM 20-Inch Max High-Velocity Floor/Wall Mount Fan

Floor Fans

This is a commercial-grade unit that performs effectively day in and day out. The fan has the ability to cool large areas easily because it features three high-velocity fan speeds and metal blades for optimum air circulation. The unit features conveniently located front-mounted controls for additional convenience. It converts easily from wall to floor use and comes with a carrying handle and rubber pads to protect surfaces.

4. Honeywell Whole Room Air Circulator Floor/Table Fan, HT-908

Honeywell Whole Room Air Circulator Floor/Table Fan, HT-908

This fan can be used for powerful cooling or as a full room air circulator. It delivers intense cooling that’s up to thirty percent quieter than other similar fan models. It features an adjustable head that can pivot up to ninety degrees and oscillation power creates a breeze that can be felt up to thirty-two feet away. The fan also features three-speed settings and a detachable grille for easy cleanup.

3. Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

At a remarkable height of four feet, this tower fan’s oscillation provides full-room coverage so that you can stay comfortable. In spite of its slender look, this fan possesses amazing capabilities. The timer promotes energy saving and the fresh-air ionizer option is CARB compliant, allowing the fan to offer the long-lasting performance you need to freshen up the air in any space. The electronic LED lighted controls are easy to see and use, making operation hassle-free. Additionally, the fan features three quiet speeds and an easy-grip carry handle for easy transportation.

2. Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

Keep your home or office cool and comfortable with this Holmes oscillating tower fan. With three speed settings for personalized comfort, this fan is perfect for wide area use in spite of its slim and space-saving design. It features an 8-hour automatic shut off timer and a remote storage area neatly hidden in the back for additional convenience.

1. Avalon 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote and Timer

Avalon 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote and Timer

This is an energy efficient fan with an innovative design. Featuring a durable copper construction for long-lasting use, this fan is ideal for cooling an office or a bedroom. The three fan speeds give you the option to choose how you want the fan to blow. With the ability to pivot a full 360 degrees, this fan’s head can be adjusted to any angle for added convenience.

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