Best Floating Water Mats for Kids & Adults Reviews

You have been waiting for the summer holiday and given that times does not lie, here you are figuring out how you are going to have maximum fun during your vacation. It is summer time, the weather is warm and the beaches have never been this welcoming. Well, you definitely have to figure out how you and your family members are going to make the most out of your vacation time, as you enjoy family bonding. Just to be of great help, one of the best ways of quenching the thirst for fun after a long wait, is by buying the floating water mats.

A floating water mat will let a considerable number of family members, including pro swimmers and those that can’t swim, relax comfortably floating on water sunbathing. Walking on water, relaxing and even taking drinks while floating on water is now possible with floating water mats. Needless to say, there are several types of floating water mats and each is tailored differently. It is for this reason choosing the best model can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have taken the hassle into our own hands and reviewed the Best Floating Water Mats. Here we go:

Table of the Best Floating Water Mats Reviews

10. Premium 18×6-Feet Floating Mat from Rubber Dockie

Floating Water Mats

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If you want to make the most out of your water recreation vacation, then you better do it with the Premium Rubber Dockie Floating Mat. Designed to turn every bit of your vacation into a lifelong memory, this mat boasts several prominent features. The bold and the green color ensures you and your family will be spotted even in the busiest traffic, keeping you safe at all times.

In order to prevent punctures and lacerations, this product features Tear Top Inner Matrix Technology making it tough and durable. The special tuff-hide outer membrane treatment prepares Rubber Dockie for exceptional durability, it will withstand all harsh conditions such as everyday rigors and also resist grime and dirty. When you have reached the climax of your fun, you can anchor Rubber Dockie to any dock using the 12 feet elastic bungee tether. Moreover, hook storage straps plus a pair of custom loops are included in the package.

Special Features

  • The protective tuff-hide outer layer
  • Highly visible bold orange and green colours
  • Tear-stop technology for exceptional durability
  • High-grade 2 ply closed cell foam construction
  • Strong yet easy on the skin
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9. Airhead GANG PLANK Inflatable Mat


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The Airhead GANG PLANK is another amazing inflatable Mat just designed for those days you wouldn’t ever want to erase from your mind. It boasts an innovative design suitable for any water party. When you have all teamed up for an amazing summer part, this inflatable mat lets you connect with other mats using the zippered connection system. Even better is the fact that Airhead GANG PLANK has a reversible colour scheme; the royal blue that blends perfectly with any pool setting and the regal white side.

One lovely aspect of Airhead is the fact that it can accommodate up to 6 folks. Four grommets are included to help with tethering the mat to the shore, boat or dock. Moreover, it features 2 inflatable stabilizer fins that keep everyone on board. Overall, it is an incredible inflatable mat that will float your entire family while offering unparalleled air cushioning comfort.

Special Features

  • Zippered connection system
  • Reversible colour scheme
  • Can accommodate up to 6 people
  • Four grommets for tethering the mat

8. O’Brien 18 x 6-Feet Water Carpet with Grommet Kit

Water Carpet with Grommet Kit

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They say, where there is water, fun must be there. Well, I couldn’t disagree with that, especially where there is a cool new floating mat such as O’Brien Water Carpet. Measuring 18ft long and 6ft wide, this water carpet is perfect for relaxing and soaking in the sun while enjoying the best of summer moments. Even better is the fact that up to 6 folks can play, walk and lounge on this strong yet comfortable water carpet. Just like other models, it included grommet kit that helps with tethering. After a long day in the beam, easily roll this mat for hassle-free storage.

Special Features

  • Grommet included for tethering
  • A capacity of 6 people
  • Easy to roll
  • Solid construction

7. Premium Floating Oasis Lake Pad/Pool Mat – 6′ x 15′ Feet

Floating Oasis Lake Pad - Premium Floating Island/Pool Mat

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If you are preparing to fully gear up for the Summer Season, you better do it in style with Floating Oasis Lake Pad. This is a floating paradise that will leave long lasting memories for all your family members. Measuring 6 ft. wide and 15 ft. long, this pool mat can hold over 1500lbs, which is quite incredible considering its size. This mat will withstand anything, thanks to its superior multilayered polyethylene (PE) foam construction.

A unique proprietary lamination process is employed to keep Floating Oasis Pool Mat tear and puncture-resistant. Hands down, this mat is awesome in regard to water recreation, you can have fun all summer without feeling a pinch. Cleaning is pretty simple, you use soap and water.

Even better is the fact that Floating Oasis maintains its new look and the vivid colours for years. Basically, it is the best floating water fun for those planning to have endless fun. A safety/maintenance sheet, Velcro straps, one D-ring, and one bungee cord are also included in the package.

Special Features

  • Can hold over 1500lbs
  • Made of non-toxic polyethylene
  • Tear and puncture resistant PE foam construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
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6. Recreational Floating Water Pad For Lakes – Goplus

Goplus Floating Water Pad for Lakes Floating Foam Fun Mat

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The Goplus Floating Water Pad is built for luxurious water parties. Unlike other models, it boasts several prominent features. It is an excellent Aqua Pad designed from an eco-friendly XPE foam material that prevents decomposition, bacterial growth and is overall safer for human use. You will definitely appreciate the built-in reinforcement net of this pad that not only helps improve on durability and toughness but also keeps the entire mat puncture and tear-resistant.

When it is time to set out for the memorable outdoor water party, the 149 binding yarn, well integrated into the construction of Goplus, makes it easy to roll the mat for hassle-free transport and storage. The superior heavy-duty polyethylene foam construction boosts buoyancy, prevents soaking and deformation. Another adorable aspect of Goplus Floating Water Pad is the roll pillow design that allows users to comfortably take a rest with their head area properly supported.

Special Features

  • Eco-friendly XPE foam construction
  • Rolls easily for convenient transportation and storage
  • Features built-in reinforcement net for durability and tear-resistance
  • Roll-pillow design for head support and rest
  • Great buoyancy

5. Giant Floating Mat for Adults & Kids from Fedmax – 18′ x 6′ Feet

Fedmax Floating Mat for Lake or Salt Water

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If you are looking for a generously big floating mat that doesn’t compromise on quality, look no further than the Fedmax Floating Mat. It is a heavy-duty tear-resistant floating mat designed for endless water fun. Apart from having an incredible capacity of up to 1540lbs, it boasts an extra tough construction for long-lasting family bonding memories. One aspect that makes Fedmax Floating Pad stand out from the rest is the fact that it can be used in both fresh and salt water, owing to its superior XPE foam construction.

When you just want to relax and gaze into the sky and the beautiful horizon, use the included tether to anchor this floating mat so as to prevent drifting. For easy transport and storage, 2 Velcro straps are integrated into this mat to help roll up this floating mat. If plenty of space is your top priority when looking for a tough durable floating mat, consider investing your money in this incredible floating mat.

Special Features

  • Includes 2 Velcro straps
  • Features superior XPE foam construction
  • Durable and tough
  • Can be used in both fresh and salt water
  • Giant pad with plenty of space

4. Floating Foam Fun Maui Mat Pad by Aqua Lily Products

Floating Foam Fun Pad Designed for Water Recreation and Relaxing

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Wherever you go, whether you choose lakes, pools or oceans, Maui Mat will always keep you floating. Designed with great buoyancy ability, this 6ft. by 14 ft. will accommodate up to 1,000 pounds. I bet this will be enough for your family to stretch and enjoy themselves. Boasting a 2-layer cross-linked foam material, the 1-3/8 inch thick Maui pad is designed to withstand the most sun-filled summers for endless family fun.

Plus, it also features the Patented FlexCore Technology for a more comforting and relaxing summer experience. One lovable aspect of Maui Pad from Aqua Lily Products is its lightweight (25 pounds only) design. When it is time to gear up for a summer season, you can easily roll this pad into a compact easy to transport unit. Hook ‘N Loop straps are included to help secure the pad.

Special Features

  • Can be used in pools, rivers, and oceans
  • Two-layer cross-linked foam material
  • Portable mat (Weighs only 25pounds)
  • Mat features Patented FlexCore technology
  • Durable proprietary UV Stabilization hardware
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3. Non-Absorbent Water Floating Fortress Water Pad – ROSSO

Rosso Water Floating Fortress - 18ft Floating Lake Water Pad Foam Mat For Boating

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It is rare to get an opportunity of meeting all your family members, especially if you work far away from home. When you finally get time to be together with your family, especially during summer, you can’t risk not having fun. Well, the Rosso Water Floating Fortress Water Pad can make a difference in your summer fun. Measuring 18 ft. by 6 ft., ROSSO is one massive floatable dock-like water pad that can accommodate up to 1200 pounds. This implies 6-8 people can comfortably enjoy sunbathing in a home pool, ocean or nearby lake.

One robust aspect of this water pad is the cross-linked polyethylene foam that is tear-resistant. More adorable is its ability to maintain the fresh new look, unlike cheap models that fade after a month or two of use. Storing this mat and unrolling it is a breeze, thanks to the included 12 ft. bungee tether and the Velcro storage straps. It is also made of high-grade 2 plies closed cell foam that is non-absorbent.

Special Features

  • Tear-resistant material
  • Non-absorbent high-grade 2 ply cell foam
  • Massive weight capacity of 1200 pounds
  • Durable and ultra-strong
  • Best for family fun

2. Recreational & Relaxing Floating Water Mat by Popsport

Popsport Floating Water Mat

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Take your summer water recreational party a notch higher with the Popsport Floating Water Mater. Made of 1.3 density cell foam, this water floating mat is one of the most durable and tear-resistant in the market. Apart from boating a massive comfortable size, it is strong and sturdy to the extent of supporting very playful kids. It comes with free storage straps that help in folding, storage, and transportation.

Unlike other brands, it features a special surface treatment that offers extra-layer protection making the mat tear and scrap-resistant. This water floating mat is the ultimate companion when you want to have amazing fun in the water of a lake, pool, beach or any other recreational party. If you want to see your kids spend their big summertime jumping and playing on the water floating mat as if they were on the playground, consider Popsport Water Floating Pad for Adults and Kids.

Special Features

  • A high-tensile strength core material
  • Comfortable big size
  • Multipurpose
  • Perfect for a big family
  • Features special additional surface protection
  • Durable and sturdy

1. WOW Sports Inflatable Floating Water – 10 x 6 Feet

Inflatable Floating Water Walkway

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This Walkway WOW World of WaterSports is for those that love to have crazy summer fun, play silly and connect with others using the featured zipper system. It is perfect when you both have boats and want to connect and have an unending blast. It is pretty tough and durable, thanks to the heavy-duty 30-Gauge PVC Construction. Plus, vertical I-beams provide more reinforcement and support, the reason this mat can support up to 6 standing adults.

When firmly inflated, it is awesome how this water floating mat can connect with other boats to form a walk-across walkway. It is easy to inflate and can be comfortably handled by one person. Two 6 ft. ropes are included to help tie ends off and grommets for anchoring the boat to a dock.

Special Features

  • Great for connecting boats
  • Can support up to 6 adults
  • Heavy-duty 30-Guage PVC Construction
  • Vertical I-Beams offer more strength
  • Great size

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