Top 10 Best Exercise Ball Chairs & Stability Balls for Office In 2018

Exercise ball chairs offer several benefits to your body whether you are at home, in school or at the office. By using one, you will be forcing proper spine alignment as well as improve your balance. Due to the constant change in position, you do not have to suffer from prolonged sitting side effects. You can also use it to stretch and relax. This, in turn, increases circulation, which gets rid of any tension. In addition, it is fun and it keeps you alert. There are several of these products in the market and you need to be keen to ensure that you find one to meet your needs and preferences. Ensure to check the weight limit of the ball before purchasing it. The following are the best exercise ball chairs reviews to consider.

Table of the Best Exercise Ball Chairs

10. Gaiam Classic Exercise Stability Balance Ball Chair 

Exercise Ball Chairs

This ball chair aims at improving your back’s health. It achieves this by aligning your spine. In turn, it will help to relieve pain. The balance ball is removable from its stand and it measures 52cm. included is an adjustable support bar, easy glide castors, as well as an air pump. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Inflation of the balance ball is easy and fast. After your first inflation, it is recommended that you re-inflate it once or twice after the first time to boost its performance.

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9. Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair – Standard or “Tall Boy”

Exercise Ball Chairs

This exercise ball chair is large enough to offer you a smooth and quieter rolling experience. The key objective of this ball is to boost your flexibility, coordination, motor skills, as well as better your balance. You can use it at work or at home to meet this delivery. Thanks to the above benefits, this chair is better placed as opposed to the traditional chairs. In addition, this chair remains comfortable as long as you use it correctly. As a beginner, get started with a few minutes and as you use it, increase the time for the effectiveness of the ball chair.

8. Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pump

Exercise Ball Chairs

If you are looking to correct your posture, stretch your body for relaxation, improve overall circulation, or reduce stiffness, this is an exercise ball chair to consider. Whether you are at home or go to the office, you can adequately use it with ease. It features a rolling base of which two of them are lockable. In addition, it is recommended for helping with enhancing physical rehabilitation and in preventing spine disorders. It comes complete with a pump to enhance convenience so you can do use it when required.

7. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair – Adjustable Base and Back Height

Exercise Ball Chairs

With a metal frame that has a 2-fame finish, you can be sure that it is strong to serve you in the long-term. In an effort to boost comfort and functionality to a variety of people, it features an adjustable base as well as back height, which are pre-set for convenience. This is in addition to the back cushioning. It features bigger and wider wheels, which come in handy in offering a smoother rolling experience.

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6. Incline Fit Anti-Burst Yoga Exercise Ball with Pump and Ball Base

Exercise Ball Chairs

This exercise ball chair aims at improving the strength of your muscles; improve your balance and flexibility. It is designed to serve you in the long-term thanks to its extra thick and puncture proof plastic material. You also do not have to worry about inflation, as it remains inflated through its use. You will notice some massage dots on the ball, which come in handy in boosting better circulation. Use it with several exercises to help meet your objectives.

5.  Sierra Comfort SC-0131 Balance Ball Chair with Backrest, 20 Ball”

Exercise Ball Chairs

This product comes complete with a ball and the ball base that features a backrest. This ensures that it delivers on functionality while at the same time ensuring your comfort. Thanks to its 17-inch rubber balance, this ball chair is ideal for use for core and strengthening exercises. Keep in mind that it has a 300-pound weight capacity for users. Its 4 wheel castors ease with manoeuvrability. When in use, lock two in for stability and safety to prevent it from rolling.

4. Exercise Ball – Anti Burst – Balance & Stability Ball To Help With Fitness Workout

Exercise Ball Chairs

This exercise ball chair aims at boosting your overall physical health. In an effort to boost its durability, it features an anti-burst and anti-slip trait. In this, it is recommended for right about everyone even professional athletes as it offers outstanding support. In the package is a training book to help you maximize its use. It also comes with a pump to boost convenience.

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3. Wacces Exercise Workout Ball for Yoga Fitness Pilates Sculpting with Dual Action Pump

Exercise Ball Chairs

Other than allowing you to choose from the several available colours of this ball, it features a compact design to ensure it delivers on functionality. It serves the purpose of relaxing your muscles, removing tension, as well as increasing tone thereby leaving you with a physically healthy body and well-toned muscles. It also targets your thighs, lower back, as well as abdominal to help increase flexibility. Overall, use this exercise ball to enhance your body’s coordination, balance, and improve flexibility.

2. Milliard Office Ball Chair Adjustable Fitness Exercise Seat for Office

Exercise Ball Chairs

This exercise ball chair is designed to meet the needs of an individual in the office. In this, you do not have to neglect your physic just because you are at the office. It is designed to boost and enhance stability, balance, and strength training. In addition, it seeks to improve your posture. During work breaks, you can stretch and relax. The rolling ball base features a locking bar to boost stability and an adjustable seat-back for convenience. The package comes complete with an inflating pump for convenience.

1. Abilitations Six-Leg Exercise Ball Chairs – 26 inches

Exercise Ball Chairs

Designed for home use or classroom use, this exercise ball chair seeks to improve physical fitness. Using this ball chair for your child ensures that he remains not only physically fit by strengthening his core muscles and retains an upright posture but also ensures that he remains alerted and active. In this, you can be sure of his productivity. It remains stable and firm in position thanks to its legs. It is durable as it is made from vinyl.

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