Top 9 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators & TENS Therapy Devices In 2018

Electric muscle stimulators aim at strengthening and toning your muscles. They increase muscle strength and density; increase muscle size, as well as faster muscle recovery. The different stimulators in the market offer pre-designed programs that will ensure stamina and endurance as long as you use it efficiently and effectively. Others will enhance faster recovery and prevent muscle imbalances. There are quite a number of products on the market that promise to deliver on functionality. When looking to purchase an electric muscle stimulator, it is best that you put in mind your core objectives first. To help narrow down your search, the following are the best electric muscle stimulators reviews that will guide you through making the right choice.

Table of the Best Electric Muscle Stimulators

9. Muscle Conditioner & Stimulator – EMS Toning and TENS Therapy Device

Electric Muscle Stimulators

This muscle stimulator aims at boosting your overall muscle performance. By so doing, you will be able to soothe and relax your muscles when they turn sore and tired. In the event of an injury, you will be able to enhance muscle recovery. Thanks to its massage like therapy, it increases blood flow, which in turns serves to release stress and tension. It offers up to 6 programs in addition to 99 intensity levels that are adjustable to help you customize so you can meet your individual needs and preferences.

8. Slendertone Arms7 Unisex Arms Muscle Trainer – Biceps and Triceps Workout

Electric Muscle Stimulators

This comes in handy for triceps and bicep workouts to leave you with stronger, firmer, as well as better toned upper arms. It is ideal for helping you to exercise thanks to its advanced arm training system. With every use, you will be able to strengthen your muscles. It features three training programs constituting conditioning, strengthening, and power. The training levels go up to 99 levels, the initial levels are designed for beginners, and as you bet better, you will be approaching the higher levels.

7. Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

Electric Muscle Stimulators

This electric muscle stimulator features 3 pre-set programs aiming to address arm, lower back, as well as legs making it diverse in functionality. These three programs each have 5 varying levels and the higher the level, the more intense the workout. It serves to help relieve pain through your body. Thanks to its small design, it qualifies to be your ideal travel companion. Its size makes it portable such that you can carry it in your pocket. It is also easy to use such that even beginners can easily use it. It is comfortable which makes it universal equipment.

6. Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Toner – Core Abs Workout Belt

Electric Muscle Stimulators

If you are looking to obtain well-toned, strengthened, as well as firm abdominal muscles, this is the stimulator to consider for both men and women. It meets its objective by exercising your stomach muscles at the same time. It is recommended that you use it for about 30 minutes in every day until you receive the desired effect. It features 10 programs with 150 intensity levels ensuring your comfort while at the same time ensuring its effectiveness.

5. Unisex smart device that actively tones your core abdominal muscles

Electric Muscle Stimulators

This device delivers on functionality thanks to its ability to use it with the recommended app that is compatible with iOS-enabled device. In this, you will be able to monitor your progress technologically. Together, they are able to tone, track, and motivates you. No matter where you are going, you can carry it along with you thanks to its small dimensions, which can easily fit into a small bag. It will tone, firm, and threaten your abdominal muscles.

4. Slendertone Abs5 Abdominal Muscle Toner – Core Abs Workout Belt

Electric Muscle Stimulators

This electric muscle stimulator features 10 programs for individuals who are looking to get started. In addition, it has 130 intensity levels to help you to meet your muscle and ab objectives. The key is to ensure that even with the intense workout you remain comfortable. The more you work out, the tighter and firmer your abs and muscles get. Its ability to customize the program makes it easier to deliver on the needs and preferences of different individuals. It is designed to fit waist size 24-46 inches.

3. Slendertone Abs6 Abdominal Muscle Toner – Core Abs Workout Belt

Electric Muscle Stimulators

This electric muscle stimulator serves the purpose of toning, strengthening, and firming of your abdominal muscles. If you are looking to get started, it features 7 programs for beginners. The more you practice, the more intense the workout levels get. It guarantees results but you have to follow up and remember to use as recommended for at least 30 minutes every day for 5 days in a week. Ensure you can exercise all your stomach muscles at the same time while upholding your comfort.

2. Slendertone Abs3 Abdominal Muscle Toner – Core Abs Workout Belt

Electric Muscle Stimulators

This device is designed to deliver on results for both men and women looking to tone, strengthen, as well as firm your abdominal area. It features 7 programs that are designed for beginners. There are also 99 intensity levels, which help you to gradually work towards achieving your objectives. This is because of the higher the level, the more intense the workout gets. This will help you tone the muscles and firm your abs.

1. Best Portable 6 Modes Pain Relief Unit

Electric Muscle Stimulators

This electric stimulator features 6 pre-programmed massage modes including Tuina, Acupuncture, Tapping, Guasha, Cupping, Combination that help you relieve deep tissue pain. In addition, it has 20 levels of adjustable intensity that offers customization and personalization to help meet different needs and preferences of different individuals. It is easy to use with specific buttons for specific functions and they are well labeled. The readings are easy to see thanks to the device’s backlit LCD display. While it is light in weight, it functions well to enhance muscle relaxation. Depending on your target mode, the display will indicate exactly what you need to do to meet your needs.

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