7 Best Electric Lightweight Wheelchairs For Sale Reviews In 2017

If you are suffering from mobility problems due to an injury or other medical problems, an electric wheelchair will help increase your movement significantly. Electric chairs are primarily designed to help you travel long distances or from one room to the other with ease.

Due to the importance use of an electric wheelchair, you need to buy a unit that fits the bill to the tee. You need to go for a chair that will guarantee convenience, ease of use and most importantly have features that will ultimately increase your mobility whether you are using the wheelchair indoors or outdoors. The battery life should be long enough, and the stability should allow the wheelchair to move in a variety of terrains. The design should suit your particular needs, and the warranty should be long. Having said that, here at that the top 7 best electric wheelchairs reviews in a bid to help you find the chair that is in line with your needs.

7. Everest & Jennings 2F100230 Metro Power III Desk Arms, Elevating Legrest, 16″ x 16″

Electric Wheelchairs

An excellent alternative to motor scooters, the 2F100230, brings to the fore effortless mobility whether you are using it indoors or outdoors. The back upholstery can be adjusted to give you added comfort and increased seating customization. The 2F100230 Metro Power comes with rear wheels and anti-tippers as well as airless inserts. To cap it all, it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds.

6. Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair

Electric Wheelchairs

This low profile wheelchair features the exclusive anti-tip design for utmost security and at a tight turning radius. Besides, it has a comfortable 19 inches mid-back seat and shark controller with an integrated joystick to allow easy handling. The Compact Power Chair can handle up to 300 pounds and to ensure reliable performance, it is mounted with a powerful motor that can propel it at a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. All the components of this electric wheelchair are professionally graded and guarantee quality service.

5. Karman 18 Inch Full Power Stand Up Chair with Companion Controller

Electric Wheelchairs

Boasting a unique design, the Karman is primarily meant for the elderly or individuals undergoing physical therapy. It comes with a joystick for ease of use and has strategically placed armrests for increased convenience. The wheelchair’s double attendant controller allows the user to access all its functions. The most exclusive feature that makes this unit one of the top 7 best electric wheelchairs is its ability to transform to standing mode in only 15 seconds. This feature can come in handy particularly for patients who want to increase their mobility with little assistance. In essence, it helps relieve pressure arising out of stagnant sitting and promotes circulation of blood in the legs.

4. Jazzy Select GT

Electric Wheelchairs

The Jazzy Select GT is not only affordable but comes with well-thought-out features such as the Active-Trac suspension that makes it easy to use the wheelchair even in rough outdoor terrain. Its rear castor beam and the exclusive anti-tip front wheels increase the unit’s stability. With a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and a combination of a smart braking system, the Jazzy Select GT is in a class of its own. Its battery is long lasting and comes with an easily accessible charger port.

3. Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchairs

If you are looking for a high-end electric wheelchair that will not disappoint, the Pride Jazzy 600 is the unit to go for. It features the industry’s first ATX Active-Trac suspension system that makes incredibly sturdy and stable. The omni-casters firmly hold onto the ground to prevent snags irrespective of the direction the wheelchair is moving. The compact design allows tighter turning thereby making the chair usable inside or outside the house.

2. Pronto Air Personal Transporter with MyBody Seating Seat Size: 18″

Electric Wheelchairs

With an 18 inch lush and contoured seating, as well as a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, the Pronto Air Personal offers a surprisingly comfortable ride. The seating uses the pressure relieving immersion foam and breathable mesh upholstery. Its exclusive design aligns with your body shape as you sit to deliver a consistent and comfortable experience. The Pronto Air controls are intuitive and easy to use. The controls are designed to allow adjustment of the recliner to the preferred level.

1. Pronto M51 Power Wheelchair with Captain’s Base Seat Size: 20″ W x 18″ D

Electric Wheelchairs

Another excellent alternative to the conventional mobility scooters, the Pronto M51 features the patented SureStep suspension system that ensure its six wheels are in firm contact with the ground. If offers a smooth and stable ride even when the terrain is uneven. The Pronto M51 sports a captain style seat and has a sleek, elegant design. It is easy to use and navigate, a combination that makes it the ideal wheelchairs for the elderly.

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