Best Rubber Dishwashing Gloves to Protect Your Skin

Long exposure to water always leads to shrivelled up skin. It can really affect you in the long run if you aren’t careful. Moreover, while doing the dishes, you are always working with soapy water. Hence, it triggers the osmosis process more due to its high concentration. The skin of your hands gets greatly affected while doing dishes. It can make your skin rough and can cause a lot of other skin problems. You cannot just overlook the responsibility of cleaning the used dishes. So, what can you do? Well, you can opt for the dishwashing gloves. These gloves protect you from long exposure to water and dishwashing soaps. Thus, it keeps your skin soft and smooth free from any problem.

Down below, we have isolated and thoroughly reviewed the top dishwashing gloves. It makes the job of buying the right pair of gloves easy for you. Scroll down and carefully read our list to make the best buying decision.

Table of the Best Dishwashing Gloves Reviews

10. Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Dishwashing Gloves

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This rubber dishwashing glove from Playtex protects your skin and really keeps all moisture away from your hands and arms. There are markings and a guide on the package. Thus, it lets you measure and figure out the correct size of gloves for you.

Plus, it fits really well and is snug and stretchy. You won’t feel any excess glove hanging loose when you are working with them or picking things up. It also features the Drip-Catch Cuff which keeps out all the moisture from your arms, clothes and hands. It is made from a combination of neoprene, latex and nitrile formula which gives it superior strength and high durability.

Key features:

  •  Weighs around 1.2 pounds, super light.
  • The thermal protection consists of three effective layers.
  • Promotes ultra-fresh technology. Hence, no growth of bacteria or even debris.
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9. YSLON Waterproof Reusable Rubber Kitchen Dishwashing Glove 

YSLON Waterproof Reusable Rubber Kitchen Dishwashing Glove 

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Instead of plastic, these gloves are made with a high-quality rubber that protects your hands while you are doing household chores. You also get two cleaning cloth which is made from premium quality dishwashing gloves fabric. These clothes are soft and won’t leave rashes on your skin or scratches on your plates. They are also extremely absorbent so that you can quickly wipe-off excess water from your kitchen wares or your countertop.

Plus, the gloves, on the other hand, have a pattern on the palm area. As a matter of fact, it gives you better grip even when you are working with friction-reducing slippery dishes. It is also long enough so that minor and occasional water splashes don’t ruin your clothes. Also, water has negligible chances of getting inside the gloves. Other gloves from the competitors absorb food’s odour and are breeding ground for bacteria if not maintained properly. But this glove doesn’t face those issues and is highly resistant to mould or bacteria growth.

Key features:

  • Ships in three different sizes to comfortably fit all.
  • Totally waterproof, no more wrinkled skin due to soapy water.
  • Safe, soft and amazing.

8. Playtex Living Reuseable Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Playtex Living Reuseable Rubber Cleaning Gloves

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Another great deal and a fabulous product from Playtex that will blow your mind. It has an unbelievably cheap price tag and unimaginably high usability and quality. You get a pack of four glove pairs that are made by integrating two of the best materials. On one hand, you have natural rubber while on the other you have synthetically made neoprene. These gloves combine these two materials into one to provide a very durable and long-lasting glove set for you.

On the palm and fingers, you have reinforced the construction. These parts handle most of the stress and are susceptible to more strain. In fact, they are most in contact with the dishes or surface you are cleaning. So with more reinforcement, they are made tougher to last longer than other brands. You also get Ultra-Fresh technology implemented in these gloves which keep them fresh and resist bacteria or mould growth. So you won’t find any foul odours being emitted from these gloves while you are working with them.

Key features:

  • The inner layer of the reusable dishwashing gloves is lined with cotton which keeps your hands dry and comfortable/
  • Both your fingers and palms have an extensive texture which allows you a better grip on slippery objects.
  • Weighs just over a pound.

7. BIAJI Kitchen Waterproof Rubber Cleaning Gloves

BIAJI Kitchen Waterproof Rubber Cleaning Gloves

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During winter, doing dishes is always a nightmare. And literally sends chills down your body when you have to work with cold water. But Biaji brings you a solution for that with their specially designed cleaning gloves. These gloves have a thick plush lining inside them which is highly absorbent and acts as an insulating material. So your hands will always be dry and you won’t even feel the low temperatures from the cold water. These gloves are manufactured from natural rubber. However, it isn’t just resistant to cold temperatures but has a high heat resistance as well.

Other gloves can lose their colour with time and get dull. In the worst case, you would have small tears appearing in them within a few months. But these gloves are super tough and durable. Plus, also have an anti-ageing feature which keeps them bright and colourful even after several uses. Soapy dishes can often slip off your hands and ruin your expensive porcelain dish. These anti-skid dishwashing gloves bump on the palm and finger area to give you a secure grip for doing dishes.

Key features:

  • Floral pattern near the cuff looks attractive.
  • Lined with cotton on the inside.
  • Comes in a pack of two pairs.
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6. Playtex Living Large Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves 

Playtex Living Large Reuseable Rubber Cleaning Gloves 

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Playtex has imbued these gloves with their one of a kind Drip-Catch technology. This means that there is an extra-strong elastic layer near the cuffs. Also, the elasticity keeps the gloves sealed and doesn’t allow water to get inside the gloves. The cuffs are folded to form a mini-reservoir type structure which collects and prevents water from getting on clothes. Even when your hands are vertically up and water is drizzling down, the Drip-Catch cuffs do their job.

Moreover, the patterns and texture are all over the palm and finger area. With these gloves, you would be able to have a tight grip on whatever you pick up. This feature really comes in handy when you have to work with dirty dishes that are slathered with cleaning foam. These gloves also give you protection in extreme cases where other brands fail. Even if you accidentally spill some hot water or chemicals, you don’t have to worry as long as you have these gloves on. The triple-layer protection works its magic so that you don’t feel the sting.

Key features:

  • Durable and excellent performance.
  • You get three pairs in this one reasonably priced deal.
  • The foldable dishwashing gloves are made from top quality materials.

5. QualityZone Premium Magic Saksak Silicone Dishwashing Gloves

QualityZone Premium Magic Saksak Silicone Dishwashing Gloves

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QualityZone has brought one of the most advanced gloves that you can use for cleaning dishes and doing your laundry. It has circular dots, bumps curvy stripes and more such unique texture on the outer surface. Thus, it is surely as skid-resistant as possible. No matter how smooth and slippery a dish, it won’t escape your strong grip.

However, this glove has a silicone construction which is ultimately light in weight. Also, the thick silicone bristles assure that everything is cleaned properly.  Now clean anything below 320-degree F and worry less about an unhygienic mess.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t have a foul odour.
  • Heat resistant material.
  • Totally FDA certified.

4. GUZON Rubber Dishwashing Gloves for Car-washing Laundry

GUZON Rubber Dishwashing Gloves for Car-washing Laundry

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Guzon is offering four pairs of gloves at the low price of one. You can designate each pair for separate uses in different parts of your home including the kitchen and toilets. Being reusable gloves, you can carry out versatile household work like a pro.

As a matter of fact, these gloves are made waterproof. Thus, your hands will not get wet and maintain the beauty of your freshly done manicure. Plus, it features a textured grip that will also prevent sudden slips.

Key features:

  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Long and appropriate length to cover your hands.
  • Palm has an embossed pattern for better grip.
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3. Smile Mall Rubber Latex Cleaning Gloves

Smile Mall Rubber Latex Cleaning Gloves

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Smile Kitchen has equipped their gloves with an elastic band at the end to keep a secure fit over your arms. This small design feature changes your whole experience. The gloves are always in a snug fit without excess parts dangling on your fingers. This helps you to do your tasks without any obstructions or inconvenience.

Moreover, this combination of rubber latex, as well as PVC glove, is designed with a soft cotton lining. It’s pretty thick as well as slip-proof.

Key features:

  • Two pairs of gloves include one red coloured and other green coloured gloves.
  • Thick in stressed areas.
  • One can use it for cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else.

2. Elgood Latex Free Vinyl Cotton Gloves for Dishwashing Laundry Cleaning 

Elgood Latex Free Vinyl Cotton Gloves for Dishwashing Laundry Cleaning 

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Elgood has made these gloves from mainly vinyl which doesn’t pollute the environment. It has a Flocking Technology that couple’s cotton along with PVC to provide maximum comfort. Plus leaves a much shorter carbon footprint than gloves made out of latex. It also much more resistant to chemicals and won’t crumble or fade away as easily as latex gloves. So you get a product which is a much safer option than alternative products.

If you just keep it away from sharp objects like a knife or scissors and dry it after every use you can use this for a really long time. Having swirl grips, it is 13-inches long.

Key features:

  • Free from harmful substances like phthalate and BPA.
  • Has high resistance to oils and seals of water entry to keep your hands dry.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear.

1. EVILTO Magic Dishwashing Gloves with scrubber

EVILTO Magic Dishwashing Gloves with scrubber

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Evilto has made these gloves from nature and skin-friendly silicone. For getting the maximum benefit, the brush on the outer surface is of 0.43-inches in depth. So you can now scrub and clean your dishes without the need for an extra accessory. The 16-inches long gloves are totally waterproof; the silicone bristles are strong enough to clean any stubborn stains or dirt.

However, the brand maintains the quality of the gloves and also makes it safe for you. It has a 100% food-grade construction and absolutely non-allergic, So the benefits of it are unimaginable.

Key features:

  • Foams up quickly.
  • Safe for machine wash.
  • Skid-resistant granules.

Keep your precious hands safe from wrinkling up or getting cracks. Wear the gloves every time you need to come in contact with soapy water or so.

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