Best Digital Basal Body Temperature Thermometers for Kids Reviews

Compared to other thermometers which simply measure the temperature of the body, a basal thermometer is more sensitive to body temperature thermometers and is often used on more specialized applications. Because they are more sensitive to body temperature, basal thermometers are often used to track slight changes in the body’s temperature, especially during ovulation.

In short, basal body temperature thermometers are very much helpful if you and your partner are trying to conceive. Since basal thermometers are very sensitive to body temperature, they are the best tools to use especially if you are in need of charting your basal body temp or BBT. Regular thermometers are not able to tell even the slightest changes in BBT but a BBT thermometer can easily help you track such a change in temperature however small it is. Besides that, basal body thermometers are very cheap which makes them a very good tool to time a woman’s period of ovulation. So if you’re wondering which basal thermometers are the best for you. Thermometer Reviews that you might want to check out.

10. Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer TAT-2000C

Basal Thermometers

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First on the list is this Temporal Artery from Exergen. Even as the 7th on the list, the Exergen thermometer would be beyond your expectation with its ingenious feature addition. The thermometer comes with a silver ion antimicrobial head so you don’t have to worry about bacteria, fungi, mildews, and mould. Just place the thermometer on your temporal artery and you can quickly get accurate measurements within a few seconds.

9. Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer

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Next is the CE and FDA approved forehead and ear basal thermometer from Innovo. Recently released this 2015, the Innovo basal thermometer has a dual mode which makes it ideal to use for all ages and not just ovulating women. Given that this thermometer is approved by the FDA, you can be sure of precise and accurate temperature readings. The F2 function of the thermometer is for ear measurement which is recommended for babies below one-year-old. It also comes with a visual and auditory alarm whenever temperature readings exceed 99.5 degrees F.

8. EasyHome Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Baby

Forehead Thermometer for Baby Adult and Child

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The EasyHome basal thermometer is a unique thermometer that does not need direct contact to measure body temperature. Highly accurate and recommended by pediatricians, the Easy@Home thermometer is not only fit for adults but also for children’s use. This thermometer is specially designed with an infrared detection system making it possible to measure temperature even at a distance of 3cm to 5cm from the body.

7. Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer

TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer

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Just like Easy@Home, this basal thermometer from TempIR is another non-contact thermometer able to make accurate body temp readings at a distance of 5cm. This is because the TempIR thermometer also uses the same infrared technology and also comes with a backlit digital display and a measurement counter that is able to store the last 32 temperature readings. The thermometer also emits an audible alarm when very high temperatures are read.

6. iBasal Digital Thermometer

Digital Basal Body Temperature Thermometers

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If you’re really bent on having a basal body thermometer that accurately reads shifting BBT that often follows ovulation, then this digital thermometer from iBasal would be one of the best choices for you. What’s even better with the iBasal thermometer is that you can easily interpret your temperature data and predict your chances of conceiving. It also comes with a reminder alarm that comes in handy for a more consistent timing of temperature readings and charting accuracy. The thermometer also automatically displays your cycle days and creates a graph of 10 previous readings that you have done.

5. EUDEMON Digital Basal Thermometer for Cycle Control

Digital Basal Thermometer

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Second to the best basal thermometer reviews is this one from Eudemon. What makes this digital basal thermometer second best is that it has a reading accuracy of ±0.05 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also designed to monitor women’s ovulation cycle. Highly accurate with a large LCD monitor to better see results, this thermometer also comes with a customized setting for menstrual dates, clocks, and alarms.

4. Terumo Electronic thermometer WOMAN Degrees Celcius

Electronic thermometer

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If you’re familiar with the Terumo basal thermometer, you’d think that this is not the best basal thermometer it is due to the fact that its instruction manual is only available in Japanese. But the truth is, the Terumo BBT thermometer is the best in the bunch. Thanks to the fact that it’s a genius are taking basal temperatures and also comes with cute yet very useful icons. If you want to become pregnant or avoid getting pregnant, this would be the best basal thermometer to choose for you.

3. Geratherm Basal Mercury-Free Thermometer


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This dual-scale mercury-free thermometer has the ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It beeps discreetly when the peak temperature is reached and features an easy-to-read liquid crystal display. It also comes with a free chart to allow you to chart your basal temperature and predict your ovulation.

2. iBasal Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

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This is an FDA-cleared fertility monitor with the ability to calculate your ovulation date and peak fertile days based on your everyday temperatures. The thermometer works for women with both irregular and regular cycles.

1. GNP Basal Digital Body Temperature Thermometers

Basal Digital Thermometer

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It’s very easy to use and features a bright LCD screen making it easy to read. It takes only a matter of seconds to get accurate readings and features an auto shut-off. This thermometer is very consistent, reliable, and water-resistant for safe cleaning.

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