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While some people purchase cars based on sporty looks or gas mileage, we all know that the essential part of a vehicle is its car cup holders. Every passenger or car driver likes to drink a cup of tea, coffee, cold drink, or any other kind of beverage while in the car. Therefore, it’s very important to have a good and highly durable cup holder fixed in your car. A car cup holder can absorb the jerk perfectly and prevent your drink from spilling over while driving.

These cup holders can be easily fixed at the rear or front side of the car. You can also have it installed at the back of the passenger seat. The cup holders come in hard-wearing plastic, fibre and steel constructions. The overall installation process that the various holders are very simple and straightforward. Below is a review of the top 7 best car cup holders. Remember to always make sure that the overall size of your intended cup holder is accurate so that it can be fitted with ease inside your car.

Table of the Best Car Cup Holders Reviews

7. URO Parts Front Cup Holder Insert

Car Cup Holders

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This BMW cup holder ensures that your hot coffee stays on the console and doesn’t spill all over your crotch. It features a perfect fit and is very easy to install. To install this car cup holder, you’ll only use two screws. Ensure you read the instruction that shows how to use the two screws. The product is very affordable and will last for a long time, provided that you’re not abusive with it.

6. RAM Mount RAM-B132R Drink Cup Holder

Drink Cup Holder with U-Bolt Base

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The unit features a marine-grade aluminium mount with zinc-coated U-bolt rail base and a RAM cup holder. The mount is designed with a RAM 1-inch diameter original rubber ball and socket system with an adjustment point at the base and the cradle. With just a twist of the arm knob, you can easily move the cup holder mount to your best viewing position.

5. Ram Mount Self-Leveling Cup Holder

Ram Mount Self-Leveling Cup Holder

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This is a plastic self-levelling car cup holder. The holding frame that connects to the cup holder allows the holder to stay level no matter how much the frame slants. The cup holder is made from strong composite powder-coated marine-grade aluminium. This self-levelling cup holder is designed with a 1-inch diameter rubber ball, allowing you to adjust the holder in several different positions.

4. Kuryakyn Passenger Drink Holder

Passenger Drink Holder

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Keep yourself hydrated without too much hassle with this passenger drink holder from Kuryakyn. There is nothing better than a hot cup of tea or coffee on a cold morning or an ice-cold bottle of water on a hot day. Featuring durable chrome plating, this cup holder will hold all types of bottles and cans without folding down. The holder fits perfectly and is not in the way of the passenger. It’s also very easy to install.

3. Rugged Ridge Black ATV/UTV Sport Bar

Car Cup Holders

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This convenient cup holder can be placed anywhere along your UTV or ATV’s sport’s bar. Featuring a set of two, this cup holder can also be used in other vehicles or boats provided that you have something that’s at least two inches or so to wrap it around. The product is easy to install and the quick release Velcro straps help hold the cup holder in place. It can comfortably hold different sizes of cups and water bottles.

2. BMW Genuine Black Car Cup Holders

BMW Genuine Black Car Cup Holders

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Although BMWs are the ultimate driving machine, you still have to use them daily and that means that it should have all the convenience features of any other car, including a cup holder. This cup E46 cup holder is a priceless luxury and with such an affordable price, you don’t have any reason not to purchase it. The holder snaps into the existing console and offers storage for two standard-size drinks.

1. GM Front Floor Console Cup Holder for Car

GM Front Floor Console Car Cup Holders

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Add two more beverage holders to your car with this front floor console cup holder insert. The product snaps right into the floor console like a piece of the puzzle. It features rubber flaps to stabilize the drink and comes with removable rubber liners in every holder.

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