Top 7 Best Stainless Steel Portable Car | Cigar Ashtrays Reviews In 2021

Even though smoking has been frowned upon in recent years due to its harmful effects on health, cigar ashtrays have somewhat remained to be a symbol of high class. Most people normally consider buying butane lighters, cigar cutters, and cigar holders but often forget getting cigar ashtrays for their cars. Different car ashtrays normally play a vital role in making sure that all the ashes produced by the cigar when smoking is collected and disposed of properly.

Currently, there are numerous car ashtray designs available in the market. Basically, several designers have come up with various different ashtray designs that reflect the different preferences and tastes of their customers. Additionally, most of the ashtrays currently available in the market are made of different materials, ranging from plastic to wood, to clay and even metal. Even if you don’t smoke, you can use an ashtray as a decoration. Whatever you want to use your ashtray for, even if it’s to store your cigars, here are the top best car and cigar ashtrays.

Table of the Best Cigar Ashtrays Reviews

7. TAP DAT ASH ASHTRAY – Rubber Ashtray

Cigar Ashtrays

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Made of almost unbreakable silicone, this ashtray is dishwasher-safe and resists heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s specially made for use with glass pipes and the edges have pockets for holding smoking accessories like matches, rolling papers, glass dabbers, and lighters. Located at the centre of the ashtray is a soft rubbery tap mound that’s ideal for tapping out the ashes from glass pipes and glass slide bowls without having to worry about them cracking or breaking.

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6. Zippo Logo Ashtray

Zippo Ashtray

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If you’re looking for car ashtrays that won’t rust or break, this is the perfect product for you. It features a good heavy-duty stainless steel construction that will last for years. The notches hold your cigar up off the bottom of the tray and are tapered so that every time you put your cigar in the notch, it doesn’t move or fall off. The ashtray cleans easily with a wet towel or simply a quick wash. It has the Zippo logo on its three sides.

5. The Original Kashtray – World’s Best Ashtray!

The Original Kashtray

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This ashtray may look odd if you aren’t used to seeing them but it’s actually the perfect gift for your friends. One of the most problems faced by smokers is cleaning out the pipe. But with this ashtray, you won’t have to worry about leaving a mess since it keeps your pipe clean and keeps the ash off the ground. It features high-quality ceramic construction with a green gloss finish and comes with a built-in poker for clearing out your pipes and bowls.

4.  Stinky Cigar – Car Ashtray

Stinky Cigar-Car Ashtray

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This functional and portable cigar ashtray is a must-have car accessory for every cigar smoker. It has an attractive silver polished finish and fits into the cup holders of your truck or car with ease. The lid flips open and the ashtray features two prongs to safely hold the cigar in place so that all the ashes can go into the open part of the unit. When you are done, just shut the lid and then you can easily take it from one car to another if you want.

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3. Xikar Stainless Steel Portable Cigar Ashtrays

Xikar Stainless Steel Portable Cigar Ash Can

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This portable cigar ashcan is perfect for anybody who enjoys smoking cigars on the go. It perfectly fits on most car consoles or cup holders and holds loads of cigar ash. The 100-per cent stainless steel construction makes this cigar ash can easy to clean, and the airtight seal ensures the smoky smell doesn’t seep out into your vehicle’s upholstery until you’re ready to smoke another cigar.

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2. VIMVIP Portable Stainless Auto Car Cigarette Ashtray Ash

Portable Stainless Auto Car Cigarette Ashtray

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This cigarette ashtray is the perfect addition to any car. Ashtray helps keep your car clean and smelling good because the ashes aren’t flying all over the place. The ashtray features LED lights to allow you to smoke safely in the dark. This portable unit fits in most car cup holders and is made of the fireproof material of superior quality.

1. Round Push Down Ashtray with Spinning Tray

Round Push Down Ashtray

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This 5-inch round spinning ashtray features a chrome top that locks into place once you push it down and twist it to the left. This ensures that the unit doesn’t open up even if it falls down. Simply push the top knob and have the tray spin the ash and butts into the bottom part of the unit. It helps keep the ashtray super-clean, keep the wind from blowing the ash away, and is very easy to just twist open and dump the content into a trash bag. The ashtray is also all metal except for the knob on top, making it highly durable.

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