Top 9 Best Heavy Wrist & Ankle Weights for Exercises Reviews In 2019

Sometimes, you might find that leg and core strengthening exercises are becoming too easy for you. This means that it’s time that you progress in your exercise routine by adding some extra resistance. And when talking about extra resistance, you don’t have to think of the large and expensive gym equipment. Just get yourself ankle weights and you’ll be good to go. Ankle weights are a more flexible option for core exercises, leg exercises, cardiovascular exercises and certain therapies.

Using the wrong ankle weights will do more harm than good. Therefore it makes sense to choose the right weight with a proper sizing that matches your fitness level. You need to consider the casing design, versatility, heaviness, closure, and weight attributes. In weight attributes, you can choose between a fixed weight ankle weight or adjustable ankle weight with the former being an ideal option for novice athletes. We’ve done some research to give you a tour of the best ankle weights currently available on the market.

Table of the Best Heavy Wrist & Ankle Weights for Walking

9. Adjustable Ankle & Wrist Weights for Women and Men

Ankle Weights

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This ankle weight provides a perfect fit regardless of age and gender. That makes it an ideal choice for men, women, and kids. The weight comes as one pair with three weight options to choose from. Beginners can opt for the 1-pound set while experienced athletes can settle for the 2 or 3-pound set. The weight is fixed with the exception of the size that can be adjusted using padded velcro straps to provide a comfortable fit. Carrying these ankle weights is no trouble since a carry bag is included for the purpose.

8. Durable Ankle & Wrist Weights for Fitness & Exercise

Durable Ankle and Wrist Weights with Adjustable Strap for Fitness, Exercise and Walking

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This is the 4-pound option for those planning to buy Reehut ankle weights. The weight is for a pair, meaning that each piece weighs in at 2 pounds. It comes in a striking blue color accented in black for a high contrast look. Such a color makes it more visible for extra safety when exercising in the dark. A sure fit is made possible by adjustable velcro straps that attach in seconds. The weight makes use of filled iron shot that’s more gentle on the skin.

7. Yes4All Comfort Fit Ankle & Wrist Weight Set

Yes4All Comfort Fit Ankle / Wrist Weight Set

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True to its name, this set of ankle weights come in handy to fit anyone. You benefit from a lightweight and portable size with the set having a combined weight of 2 pounds. Such a size makes a good choice for beginners and young athletes who want to start small. The cover material is a flexible neoprene coming in dull gray to conceal any stains and sweat. The weights secure around the wrists or ankles via adjustable Velcro closures.

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6. Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights Pair Set w/ Adjustable Strap

Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights Pair Set with Adjustable Strap

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The purple color accented in gray is among the features that make this pair of ankle weights stand out. The weights come fixed with no option for adjustments. However, you get to adjust the fit to match your size using velcro straps. The weights have a padding on the inside for extra user comfort. At 2 pounds, this set makes a perfect option for those starting out. The weights are covered in a durable fabric and come with a travel pouch for easy storage and transportation.

5. CAP Barbell 20 lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights

CAP Barbell 20 lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights

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This ankle weight permits more flexibility in your leg exercises. That’s achieved via an adjustable weight designed to match your fitness level. The set has a total weight of 20 pounds, a size that comes in handy to accommodate the needs of professional athletes. Each piece in the set comes with 5 slots where removable weights are inserted. There’s a double strapping system in each weight to ensure that it holds securely in place. The ease of adjustment provided by Velcro straps ensures that the ankle weights fit most users.

4. Ankle Weights Set At Home Workout Equipment for Slimming Thighs

Ankle Weights Set by Healthy Model Life At Home Workout Equipment for Slimming Thighs, Toning Glutes

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Experienced athletes will find this ankle weight a worthy choice. It’s a 10-pound fixed weight designed to increase resistance to the next level. Unlike other ankle weights in the list, this set is specially designed for ladies. The great resistance generated functions to slim the thighs and tone glutes for that smashing figure. A sure stay grip lets the weights fit like a leech without the need for making any adjustments. You can choose to mix things up by wearing the weights on your wrists.

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3. Reflective Ankle Weights & Wrist Weights with Adjustable Strap

Reflective Ankle Weights / Wrist Weights with Adjustable Strap

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Any novice fitness enthusiast won’t have trouble trying out this set of ankle weights. The weights are built with some element of safety in mind. That’s evident from a reflective aqua color that’s easier to pick out in the dark. The weights can be sued virtually anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. The set has a combined weight of 4 pounds, which provides the much-needed resistance for lower body workout. Covering the weights is a powerful moisture-wicking material that keeps skin inflammation at bay. Regardless of your size, you’re sure to get a snug fit provided by adjustable velcro straps.

2. Gaiam Fitness Ankle Weights – 5lb Set

Gaiam Fitness Ankle Weights (5lb Set)

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Building the lower body is not something you achieve at once. This ankle weight set makes sure of that by letting you build strength one step at a time. It’s a fixed weight providing a combined weight of 5 pounds. The fit is comfortable, thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric and some padding that goes with it. What’s more, you get a mesh construction that lets your skin breathe with ease. A wide Velcro makes adjustments a lot easier.

1. ProSource Ankle Wrist Weights – Adjustable Comfort Fit for Women & Men

 ProSource Ankle Wrist Weights - Adjustable Comfort Fit for Women, Men or Children

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This set of ankle weight matches the needs of athletes at all fitness levels. It provides the convenience of an adjustable weight that can be set in the bearable range of 1 to 5 pounds. Well, the range is for the whole set since a piece provides a maximum adjustable weight of 2.5 pounds. Each piece has 5 pockets with each pocket holding 1/2-pound removable weight.

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