Top 10 Best Modern Small Bedside Table Lamps for Bedrooms Reviews

To make our house better and beautiful in all aspects, we tend to include fancy pieces. From furniture to everyday appliances, we always try to find ourselves the best quality materials that can serve us well always. And bedside table lamps are one such creation that acts as a showpiece but also has a major advantage. It will provide sufficient light to your bedroom and also look gorgeous whenever you install it. However, when it comes to table lamps, we often pay much less attention to it.

Now, it will be much easier for you to opt for a lamp as we have shortlisted the best modern bedside table lamps. Trust of great brand value and high-end quality material, the lamps are the best options that you can buy directly.

Table of the Best Modern Bedside Table Lamps Reviews

10. AUKEY Touch Sensor Bedside Lamps for Bedrooms & Reading

Bedside Table Lamps

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What is the most important thing you arrange for yourself before you are ready to sleep? If you are one of those people who like a beautiful ambient light beside their bed, then this touch-activated bedside table lamp is just for your room. It activates with touch, which makes it easier to use without any issues. Also, there are choices of a beautifully lit warm light or rich and vibrant colours. Thus, it makes sure that there is a choice of light for your mood.

Even better, with just a touch on the control base, you can very easily toggle between the three different levels of brightness. Whether you are planning to read your favourite book or just want your body to rest and relax, there is an option for you.

Key features:

  • Has an auto-cycle innovation so that you can have an extensive choice of colours from the entire spectrum.
  • Control base at the bottom is 360° touch-enabled for the most comfortable usage anywhere anytime.
  • Certainly has an aluminium alloy plus ABS construction for long-term use.
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9. Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Modern Table Lamp with Light Bulb and Lamp Shade

 Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Table Lamp with Light Bulb and Lamp Shade

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Elegance is the key when it comes to dressing up your interior décor the right way. People love styling their bedroom in the best possible way because that is where they let their body relax even after the most tiring day’s work. If your bed does not have a ceramic bedside table lamp, it is high time you have one at your disposal. With perfect style, the lamp comes with some graceful curves and has a smooth touch feeling all over it.

The linen shade on the top looks equally brilliant and elegant. In terms of the material in its construction, there are certainly no grounds of dissatisfaction. Having ceramic and high-quality nickel, the base of the lamp looks elegant and has good durability to it. All over the lamp, you will get the feeling of a timeless design that will blend in any space.

Key features:

  • Extremely simple and easy to assemble table lamp, comes ready to use out of the box.
  • Uses metal hardware for unmatched durability and long life.
  • White fabric shade disperses light the best way.

8. Stone & Beam Ceramic Table Lamp for Living Room with LED Light Bulb

Stone & Beam Ceramic Table Lamp for Living Room with LED Light Bulb

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It is very important that you have a thing in your house that not only has impressive functionality but also has good beauty to it. When it comes to the bedside table lamps, it is very important that the device smoothly. Plus, also looks good on the table. From the house of Stone & Beam, this table lamp is quite amazing and has a graceful finish to it. Although more of a bedside table lamp, this will look equally amazing in your living room or study as well.

Designed with a ceramic pillar, the stand has geometric cut-outs that enhance the overall beauty. Bring home a touch of elegance that will look nice to your eyes and impress your guests as well.

Key features:

  • Comes along with a LED bulb so you do not need any extra work on it.
  • Polished nickel hardware is very sturdy and durable for everyday usage.
  • Guarantees completely hassle-free and simple assembly.

7. Rivet Gold Bedside Table Lamps with Light Bulb

Rivet Gold Bedside Table Lamps with Light Bulb

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This is your ideal table lamp if you are willing to make your bedroom look better. It comes with all the necessary features and perfect for all house usage, this unique lamp looks beautiful anywhere. You will just need 5 minutes to set it up and you can make full use of it. The beautiful craft design is one of the major talking points here.

The stand is made of 4 different metal legs all together to form a shape that is not only superiorly stable but also looks fascinating.

Key features:

  • Large linen drum looks amazing and helps in better dispersion of light.
  • The classic bedside table lamp’s convenient on/off in-line switch for ease of usage and access.
  • Sturdy metal legs for reliable performance guarantee.
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6. Focondot Unique Table Lamp & Bedside Nightstand Lamps

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An extremely modern and beautiful table lamp that will readily elevate the overall décor of your room or any corner, this is what you need for your home. It comes with multiple different benefiting features that make it even more fun and convenient to be used on a regular basis. The 5V/2.1A USB charging ports on the base of the lamp is an ideal place to connect your USB devices and charge them while sleeping.

As a matter of fact, you can plug it on any 3 pong AC outlet. As a result, will help you charge your devices and also power up some gadgets.

Key features:

  • Beautiful gray line bedside table lamp’s fabric makes the light ambient and the whole atmosphere beautiful.
  • Long 62-inches of cable length for hassle-free using in any place.
  • The easy to use on/off switch is present on the base of the lamp.

5. Aooshine Modern Desk Lamp & Solid Wood Nightstand Lamp with Unique Shade

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One of the most fascinating options of bedside table lamps in the market, this one is certainly very useful and has a very modern and elegant flair to it. With a pull-chain design, you can very easily turn the light on or off without having to get up and flip a switch. No one enjoys getting up to switch off the light when they are already sleepy; hence the pull-chain assembly comes in really handy and useful.

Along with that, the premium build quality and high-quality bedside table lamp materials make it even safer. Use the lamp for reading or wring without having to worry about any damages to the eyes.

Key features:

  • Innovative 5V/2A USB port on the base allows you to charge USB devices even when the lamp is off.
  • Comes along with a 24 months warranty and even a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Flexible working voltage range of 85-265V for trouble-free usage in every house.

4. Seealle USB Table Desk Lamp with Solid Wood Unique Lampshade

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A great product from Seale, this beautiful-looking table lamp is going to help you relax in a healthier way. If you have been facing troubles with those bright and glowing lights in your room, it is time for you to bring in some change. This amazing lamp not only helps you elevate the overall ambience of your room but also provides you with other benefits as well.

The 5V/2A fast-charging port is an ideal design for you to charge your mobile and USB devices on the same lamp. No need to connect the charger to any wall socket or adapter as you can directly plug into the port present in the base.

Key features:

  • Smart pull chain design helps you turn the light on or off more easily.
  • Comes with UL certification for safe usage without any risks of accidents or damages.
  • The wooden sturdy base is square in shape and keeps the lamp fully stable.
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3. Haitral Modern Bedside Desk Lamp with Lamp Shade for Bedroom & Office

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Simple and yet elegant, this is the table lamp that will add more beauty and complement the whole interior décor. Works fine with E26 60 Watts bulb, the lamp is extremely easy to set up and use in all scenarios. It has a very compact and space-saving design which makes it even more suitable for any kind of room.

The lamp is quite compact and has a small base size as well. Finally, it flaunts a very neat and modern design is a pretty elegant format that can give an overall makeover to your room.

Key features:

  • Very strong and sturdy metal frame, the lamp feels good and has great durability as well.
  • Stylish pull chain design for easy turning on/off without having to get up.
  • UL listed cord and plug are safe for use without any issues or risks.

2. Sealle Bedside Nightstand Lamp & Solid Wood Unique Lampshade

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Get two lamps to light up your room in the most beautiful and stylish way with this extraordinary option of a dual bedside table lamp. 2 lamps mean more power, more light, and also more benefits as well. Now you can have a couple of 5V/2A USB fast charging port so that you more easily charge the mobile and USB devices.

Furthermore, you will have the comfort of a 90 days replacement benefit and 24 months warranty. So, if you have any dissatisfaction regarding this lamp, you replace it.

Key features:

  • Pull chain design requires no cord and switch.
  • Electrical parts like the socket, cord, USB port, and the plug have UL certification for safe applications.
  • The solid and sturdy wooden base for exceptional durability and stability.

1. HUGOAI LED Table Lamp – Night Light for Bedroom with Dimmable Whites

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This table lamp is versatile has a multi-colour option. With a professional optical structure, this lamp uses high-quality materials and has premium quality LED elements on the inside. No matter how often you use it, the light source stays stable and flicker-free in all situations.

It certainly features a memory function that remembers the last setting that you enjoyed. As it has an RGBW option, your table light will have 16 million colours and dimmable to whites.

Key features:

  • Offers 3 different white adjustments that will help to set the warmth at anywhere between 2000k, 3000k and 4000k.
  • It comes with a unique and easy to use the rotary panel for easy adjustment of the brightness.
  • Simple press to turn off, the dual bedside table lamp also has auto-off feature.

For your late-night readings, the bedside table lamp shade will provide sufficient illumination. It is warm to look at but bright enough to light the room up.

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