Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Beach Umbrellas Reviews In 2019

Sunbathing, picnics in the beach, camping etc are what we do whenever we get an off day. But staying safe against the harmful UV rays must not be ignored in the midst of all these fun moments. So, beach umbrellas are introduced for making your sunbathing moments a secured one. It also can be anchored to dirt, sand or any supporting surface, the umbrellas will stand still and not collapse suddenly. The main reason for using the umbrellas is to obtain protection from the sun’s rays and it successfully meets all your requirements. Furthermore, the umbrellas can be folded and transported without giving any second thought.

Thus, for aiding you in setting up a beach umbrella and make the best selection, we take you through the trustworthy reviews so that you do not feel cheated after buying.

Table of the Best Portable Beach Umbrellas Reviews

10. Super-Brella – Portable Sun and Weather Shelter

Beach Umbrellas

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Super Brella is an exciting new product that is sure to dominate the beaches during spring break. It has an innovative design that protects you from the elements without creating a claustrophobic environment. You can enjoy a great view without any obstruction while being protected from the weather. Further, it is easy to carry around and can protect you from bad weather during any activity. Being constructed of 190 D polyester and having an 8-foot beach umbrella canopy, you can stay assured of the water-repellent fabric for providing support. Apart from having a huge canopy, you get zippered side windows for smooth ventilation.

Key features

  • Sets up within seconds and protects the whole family or group with its large canopy
  • Don’t worry about the harmful UV rays since it is coated with superior UPF 50+
  • Constructed of durable polyester.
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9. Sport-Brella All Position Umbrella with Universal Clamp

Sport-Brella All Position Umbrella with Universal Clamp

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It is a nifty little gadget that doesn’t restrict itself to the beach and has a lot more practical applications. It comes with a universal clamp and covers XL sized area. With the swivel that can go a full 360-degrees, it is an extremely versatile umbrella that can attach to anywhere at any angle and protects you from the weather. It can be connected to chairs, lawn mowers, golf bags and a lot more. With the sun shielding silver coating, it keeps you nice, your eyes safe and cool even during intense sunlight.

Key features

  • Canopy cover is quite rugged and can handle most situations.
  • The beach umbrella clamp is made of heavy-duty materials. It will rigidly hold on to wherever it is attached.
  • It is very compact and weighs less than 2 pounds when you fold it up into a case.

8. Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella 

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

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The construction of this product is really top quality and done with premium materials. It has ribs made of fibreglass and the pole is made of aluminium. Plus, there is a groove at the bottom of the pole that acts as a sand anchor and secures it tightly so that you can enjoy your time without worries.

Key features

  • The changing direction of the sun can be handled with the help of a tilting mechanism.
  • Comes with a vent on top for increased stability.
  • Portable and can be easily carried anywhere with the help of the included carrying case.

7. EasyGoProducts EasyGo Travel Beach Umbrella

 EasyGoProducts EasyGo Travel Beach Umbrella

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Full sized, nice craftsmanship and solid build quality are few adjectives that come to mind when you look at this umbrella. The pole is self-anchoring and digs itself into the sand very firmly. It has oversized vents to allow wind to pass through and create a cool wind gush while improving its wind tolerance. Plus, the easy push button aids in quick adjustments as well as fix the tilts.

Key features

  • Supreme portability.
  • Carry bag is included.
  • Pole is made of anodized silver aluminium.
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6. AMMSUN 6ft Folded Patio Beach Umbrella for Outdoors

AMMSUN 2017 6ft Two Folded Patio Beach Umbrella

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It is incredibly lightweight so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience while carrying it to your place of choice. Set it up at the beach, a picnic on a sunny day or for your kid’s lemonade stand. The 6 ft beach umbrella can be folded and have 8 steel ribs for offering support. Further, the double times coating of silver aid in blocking 99% of the UV rays. It even ships with a free sand anchor that is included inside the carrying bag.

Key features

  • With the special coating, it can block most of the harmful UV rays and keeps you protected.
  • The canopy fabric is waterproof and can protect you well in rainy weather.
  • Have two-fold design.

5. SUNLONO Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrella for Garden Lawn 

SUNLONO 10 Ft Offset Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella Patio

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With its creative and ergonomic design, it blends well with all sorts of outdoor settings and has a very premium look and feel to it. It comes attached by a cantilever to the pole that has a lifting system and can be rotated 360-degrees. For optimum stability and improved tolerance, the umbrella comes with an air vent. Next, the easy open lift system helps in fast opening and extension. All those features and more are packed into this umbrella so that you have a great experience and enjoy a great afternoon with your friends and family.

Key features

  • High durability and top-notch build quality.
  • Diameter spans a good 10 feet.
  • The polyester fabric is long-lasting.
  • Ideal for commercial and residential locations.

4. AMMSUN Polyester Fabric Heavy Duty UV Protection Patio Beach Umbrella 

AMMSUN Polyester Fabric Heavy Duty UV Protection Patio Beach Umbrella 

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Aesthetics of this patio umbrella look awesome with the stitched edge design on that hexagonal shape and even the steel pole can be unscrewed for hassle-free transportation. You don’t need to worry too much about the song since it is constructed of 180G polyester that does a great job at blocking the UV rays.

Key features

  • Canopy is 7 feet wide with more than adequate shade area.
  • The package ships with a carry bag so that you can take your umbrella wherever you go.
  • Really light with the umbrella weighing just over 7 pounds.
  • The fabric is waterproof and also includes air vents.
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3. PORTAL 6-Feet Sun Protection Green Beach Umbrella Shelter

PORTAL 6-Feet Sun Protection Beach Umbrella Shelter

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So extremely portable and lightweight that even your children will have no problems carrying it. It weighs less than 2.5 pounds and made of durable and long lasting 210D fabric. The beach umbrella includes steel alloy ribs so that steadiness can be obtained even when it’s windy outside and the aluminium pole is painted with rustproof paints as well as the heights can be adjusted.

Key features

  • Rigid structure due to the support of 8 ribbed steel alloy skeleton.
  • UVA and UVB before causing any damage would be blocked by the inner silver coating.
  • Long steel pole of 7 feet and 8-inches.

2. Bayside21 8 FT Portable Folding Beach Umbrella

Bayside21 8 FT Portable Folding Beach Umbrella

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Kids and adults both would love this umbrella for different reasons. The rainbow colour is very eye-catching and friends would be able to spot you quickly. It even has an immensely detailed and well thought out construction that is safe, strong and secure. Due to the presence of a heavy-duty screw stake, the umbrella can be staked to the sand, grass etc.

Key features

  • 16 ribs of fibreglass with an aluminium pole
  • Tilt the umbrella with just a push button
  • Have vented canopy design and the polyester fabric allows protection against the sun.

1. LCH 9 ft Outdoor Patio Table Umbrella  with Yard Sturdy Pole

LCH 9 ft Outdoor Umbrella Patio Table Umbrella

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It serves the dual purpose of acting as an umbrella as well as a nifty gadget. Other than protecting you from rain as well as UV rays, it can act as a table lamp cum umbrella. It even has 8 light strips that draw power from the solar panel that is located on the top. So after enjoying under the shade during the daytime, you can also enjoy a romantic dinner underneath it during the night. The process of opening, as well as the closing of the crank, is pretty simple.

Key features

  • Rust resistant and reinforced ribs of steel.
  • One year warranty.
  • Push-button tilt.

Have quality times under sun and chill out with your friends or family, buy a beach umbrella and eradicate any adverse effect.

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