Best Free Stranding Bathroom Storage Cabinets Reviews

Are you a person who loves to maintain the decor of your home? And so does the bathroom? Well, the organization is one big issue when it comes to the bathroom. The bathroom storage cabinets are such a diverse product that is placed not only in bathrooms but also in anywhere in your home. Having premium construction, these cabinets will keep away moisture as well as adversities of water. With numerous advantages, one can surely own such a cabinet.

To know in detail about all the available products and its features, we have prepared a buying guide on bathroom storage cabinets. Obtain sufficient knowledge and only get the best.

Table of the Best Bathroom Storage Cabinets Reviews

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10. VASAGLE  Free Standing Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet with Double Doors

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

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Vasagle has created this free-standing bathroom storage cabinet from medium density fibreboard. Surprisingly, it is an engineered wood which has higher density and strength than plywood and is highly durable. Every small detail and overall design is made with its special design team. In fact, they have put a lot of thought to make your cabinet practical and beautiful. As a matter of fact, it combines features from both contemporary and classic furniture to give you a modern cabinet.

You rather get an open shelf at the top which gives you more than adequate space for storing various essentials. It includes bath towels, wipes and more. You can use the desktop for placing decorative items like potted plants and things that have instant frequent use. Both the bottom shelves have doors with high-quality hinges that allow smooth swing action without any irritating cranky noise

Key features:

  • MDF wood used in this cabinet has low formaldehyde emissions and meets regulations under the California Air Resource Board.
  • Shelves are indeed removable to make room for larger items.
  • The doors have chrome pulls that look stunning and last long.

9. IWELL Bathroom Floor Wooden Storage Cabinet with Doors

IWELL Bathroom Floor Wooden Storage Cabinet with Doors

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IWELL has made this cabinet with all the features you need and aesthetics that you deserve. The covered shelves have door handles which are smooth without any sharp edges. Therefore, you rather wouldn’t injure yourself while opening the cabinet doors.

However, sometimes, the doors might open up if hinges get weak over time or due to other factors. You won’t face this problem since you get a magnetic base which keeps the doors once you have closed them,

Key features:

  • Due to lacquer finish, the surface is smooth and resistant to water damage
  • Two bathroom storage cabinet shelves which can have various dimensions depending on the height adjustments you make.
  • Certainly repels water so that it doesn’t get affected whenever it comes in contact with water.

8. HOMFA Side Cabinet Storage Organizer for Home & Office

HOMFA Side Cabinet Storage Organizer for Home & Office

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This bathroom cabinet has a premium MDF board construction which is renowned and used mainly for its durability plus convenience. It looks stunning with clean lines going all over giving it a pleasant aesthetic feel. The paint used is nitro lacquer which is not just environment-friendly but also doesn’t emit a nauseating smell. For that reason, you don’t need to tolerate an irritating smell every time you enter the bathroom.

The lacquer paint is also quite thin compared to other alternatives. Furthermore, it penetrates deep into the wood and makes a seal which is resistant to water, heat and other elements. For increased stability of your cabinet, you also get a topping strap at the back which won’t be stripped easily. Due to resistance to various elements and high durability you can use this cabinet not just for your bathroom, but for your kitchen, living room and more such places.

Above all, the shelves are certainly adjustable. So remove them for storing large bulky items or keep them for organisational advantage.

Key features:

  • Knobs are made from a zinc alloy that is light and corrosion-resistant.
  • All necessary things for assembly are shipped in a single package; all you need is a screwdriver.
  • The bathroom storage cabinet maintenance is indeed easy and hassle-free

7. VASAGLE White Cabinet Storage with Doors and Drawers

VASAGLE White Cabinet Storage with Doors and Drawers

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Formaldehyde emissions can cause various problems for your throat, nose and in some rare cases can even cause asthma. MDF material used in this cabinet is made to emit least or negligible formaldehyde. Further, it meets the CARB Phase 2 standards. So you can make use of this practical and elegant cabinet without exposing yourself to health risks.

Moreover, it also has a single shutter for the narrow cabinet that gives it a unique charm. Besides, its narrow design, it indeed facilitates in placing it anywhere and everywhere.

Key features:

  • Even though it has a large volume of storage, it takes up a small portion of precious real estate.
  • High-quality pull knobs on both the drawer and the shutter door.
  • The bathroom storage cabinet organizer’s door hinge can rather rotate up to 180-degrees.

6. Sauder Caraway Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Sauder Caraway Kitchen Storage Cabinet

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Simple is often much more awe-inspiring than flashy designs or heavy details. Sauder gives you a simple storage cabinet that has high build-quality and has some contemporary style elements to it. The overall white finish is highlighted even more due to the bold faux slate tabletop.

Nevertheless, plants, art pieces and mirrors look even more beautiful when you set it up on the faux slate. Having an engineered wood construction, one can certainly trust the longevity.

Key features:

  • You are assured with 5-years of the warranty period.
  • You indeed get two shelves; as a result, adjust it to fit in taller or larger items.

5. Yaheetech Bathroom Wood Storage Cabinet with Doors

Wood Storage Cabinet with Doors

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Yaheetech offers you a brilliant bathroom storage closet made from top quality MDF wood and premium drawers. Now you get a total of 4 drawers which sit on a smooth rail for interruption-free sliding. The drawers also have a curved cut out at the top which lets you pull them without any struggle.

In addition to that, you also get closed shelves beside the drawers which are tailored to your needs. The waterproof bathroom storage cabinet will keep the product as good as new or you.

Key features:

  • Best for your bathroom since it has resistance to high humidity and moisture.
  • The cupboard door won’t keep opening by itself certainly due to the magnetic lock.
  • The given shelves are made the height-adjustable to use as per convenience.

4. VASAGLE Multifunctional Bathroom Storage Organizer

Multifunctional Bathroom Storage Organizer

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Vasagle has made this cabinet in a modular three-layered design. Therefore, it gives you a lot of freedom for organising your toiletries and decorating the cabinet. You indeed get two drawers which can go in any way inside two of the three slots. So, you can have an open shelf at the top, middle or bottom. If you want you can use the drawers separately and keep an all open shelf design for getting more storage.

The cabinet comes in a stable design with four legs that raise it above the bathroom floor for better hygiene. However, for making it more secure and stable, you get fittings that let you secure the cabinet to the wall. Next, it doesn’t topple off due to unforeseen circumstances. Strength is certainly another strong attribute of this cabinet. Even though toiletries don’t weigh much, due to the CARB phase 2 standard MDF wood construction. For that reason, it can bear a lot of weight with lesser emissions than other types of MDF wood.

Key features:

  • Drawers have an arced mouth for letting you easily pull them out.
  • Tall, narrow design rather lets you use it in tight spaces.
  • Doesn’t take a lot of effort to assemble.

3. Best Wooden Bathroom Tall Tower Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves 

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The most striking design feature of this cabinet from Best Choice Products is the faux slate shelf. Its dark contrasting design against the all-white painted body gives it a very modern and handsome look. Hence, it would definitely turn some heads. At the bottom, you get closed storage space with two compartments. As a result, it rather gives you a lot of room for keeping toiletries that aren’t used that frequently.

Furthermore, linens, extra toiletries and small accessories can go here. At the middle open shelf, you get crossed design for organising your towels separately that gives you easy access.

Key features:

  • Each shelf can indeed bear around 22 pounds of weight.
  • Fully built of wood for attaining sturdiness.

2. Homfa Bathroom Small Storage Cabinet with Single Door

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Homfa has created a compact storage cabinet that is versatile and can make a great impact in small apartment homes. It has inner shelves which can be adjusted according to your requirements. If you want to store something tall, then remove the shelf and move it up till the item fits inside. So in spite of the compact size, you aren’t limited to storing just small amenities.

It has a clean and minimalist structure which combined with its white paint gives it a look of elegance. As a matter of fact, the open shelf is large enough for storing books, magazines and scented candles. This way while you are on your morning business or taking a bath, you will be surrounded by a nice fragrance. You can use the top surface for decorating this brilliant furniture with beautiful plants or art pieces. Finally, irrespective of the bathroom decor, it can indeed seamlessly blend in due to its neutral white finish

Key features:

  • Manufactured from high-quality MDF wood for high longevity.
  • Lacquered surface means no bad smell or emissions that might cause health risks.
  • The doors are rather kept shut with the help of a magnetic lock.

1. ChooChoo Wooden Bathroom Cabinet for Bedroom & Office

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While other manufacturers might have railing or bolts exposed, this small design flaw can ruin the clean look of cabinets. ChooChoo goes the extra mile and pays special attention to detail. Therefore, you have a beautiful and stunning cabinet without those flaws. It is made from low emission MDF wood which is safe for the environment as well as for your family.

Moreover, the drawers also have a unique design with slits that make them breathable. So even if they are unused they would form a stale smell that usually comes from closed wooden furniture.

Key features:

  • You get a total of 3 drawers that have handles built into them.
  • Assembly requires a minimum time of 30 minutes.
  • Smooth railings allow you to slide the drawers in or out with a minimal effort.

Now, keep your bathroom neat and clean. Buy a bathroom storage cabinet and organize the essential for getting an easy reach.

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