Top 7 Best Wireless/USB Barcode Scanners Reviews In 2019

Barcode scanners have become much easier to use than ever before. Long gone are the days when people used to deal with decoder boxes and several cables running all over the place. To use a barcode scanner, all you have to do is plug the cable into the PC and scanner and you are up and running.

Even though their operation has become quite easy, there are currently more varieties of scanners to pick from. And if you don’t understand the different types of scanners on the market, you might find it really difficult to choose the right one. To get the right scanner, you first need to identify your particular needs. You need to know where you intend to use the scanner, how frequent you intend to use it, the type of barcodes you’ll be reading, how you’ll use the scanner, and if you can connect it to a PC. The following is a review of the top 7 best barcode scanners.

Table of the Best BarCode Scanners Reviews

7. USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Scanning Barcode Readers

BarCode Scanners

The scanner features a shock-resistant ABS plastic construction that ensures long service life. The unit is very easy to install, and the easy-grip and ergonomic design ensure it comfortably fit in your hand. With its super-fast reading and decoding capabilities, the unit ensures fast data entry, reduced errors, and improved efficiency. It’s very easy to install and is perfect for retail as well as other commercial applications. Read: Best label makers

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6. MSR605 HiCo Magnetic Card Reader Writer Encoder MSR206 MSR606

BarCode Scanners

Featuring a very heavy and solid construction, this unit is both a reader and a writer. It’s completely compatible with MSR206 and the software included is very easy to understand and use. Just fire up the software, put in your code, then hit Write and swipe away. The unit has the ability to write several cards consistently without an error. Also, it communicates very well with a host computer using a USB interface.

5. Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless USB Automatic Barcode Scanners

Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Handheld Bar-code Reader

This unit features an identifying mark, which is the Inateck logo. It’s very easy to use and it comes with an instruction manual. If you want to keep an accurate inventory without hiring an extra worker to do the job, this scanner comes in handy. It’s very well made and features different modes where you can as well read different UPCs depending on what you want. The unit also comes with a DC-USB cable to charge and a wireless dongle to transfer the information from the scanner to the computer.

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4. TaoTronics 2.4G Wireless Cordless Handheld Barcode Scanners

BarCode Scanners

This barcode scanner is very fast and easy to use. The unit features an AC wall charger, a 2.4 GHz receiver, a scanner and an instruction manual. It also comes with lithium batteries that can be charged in approximately two hours and thirty minutes. The scanner is very lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s also designed in such a way that you can lay it on the laser screen in order to get it scratched. It’s perfect for office, store, business, warehouse, and for a home hobbyist.

3. TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanners

BarCode Scanners

This is a great wireless barcode scanner for keeping all your stuff in order. You can scan a lot of things and even if you aren’t able to use all that you’ve scanned at the moment, the scanner stores them in its memory until when you’ll be ready. The Bluetooth allows you not to need wires and to a distance that’s far greater than what using wires would allow. Powered by a 750mAh rechargeable battery, the unit can stay up to thirty hours and scan up to twenty thousand barcodes with just a single charge.

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2. TEEMI 2.4GHZ cordless handheld USB automatic laser

Wireless USB Automatic laser barcode scanner

This is a fast, accurate and very efficient way to scan large inventories. You can either use it wirelessly with a tablet, a computer or a smartphone or use it as a USB wired barcode scanner. Either way, the unit can be used so that it retains the codes until you’re able to upload them to a device, or you can use it to instantly transfer the read code to your device.

1. TaoTronics Wired Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner

BarCode Scanners

This is a plug-and-play unit that doesn’t need any drivers or even special software to operate. You just need to plug it in and it’s ready to scan. The unit also comes with a nice beeper to confirm the successful scans. Designed with a heavy duty working environment in mind, this scanner is perfect for a number of situations. It can be used outdoor, indoor, in a nice fashion shop, or in a messy warehouse. The unit comes with bracket stands to allow for presentation scanning and an easy switch between handheld and hands-free operation.

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