Best Portable Infant and Baby Bath Tubs Reviews

A child surely showers in immense joy in one’s life. However, with joy, it also brings in all the responsibility. The changing of nappy, giving them proper food and most importantly, always keeping an eye on them, everything is pretty hectic. Still, whenever you prepare them for bath time, things certainly become complicated. Therefore, baby bath tubs will be your safest option in every circumstance. It is placed anywhere and everywhere, has a convenient design and also portable.

Here in this baby bathtubs buying guide, all you have to do is to look for the most-suited options. Each product is detailed for easy understanding and you now have opinions of the internet.

Table of the Best Baby Bath Tubs Reviews

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10. Fisher-Price Whale of an Infant Tub Bathtub

Baby Bath Tubs

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Newborn babies grow quickly and within no time they become adorable tumbling toddlers. So, you have to buy different bathtubs at different stages for accommodating their growing size. It can add up to a lot of investment which you eventually have to throw away or pass on to a relative. But Fisher-price has brought to an innovative solution that saves your money and reduces waste. This baby bath tub’s design is perfect for newborns and can accommodate your child until they become toddlers.

At every growing stage, the bathtub is changed and adjusted to suit your baby’s growing size and development skills. Your newborn gets a curved seat which is ergonomically designed to give a good resting position for your baby. Since the seat is non-slippery in nature you or your partner alone can give your baby a bath. As your baby grows, you can simply remove the infant seat and use the whole bathtub for your toddler

Key features:

  • Infant seat has soft foam headrest that provides great neck support.
  • The bathtub is compact enough to fit inside sinks and medium to large-sized tubs for easy cleaning.
  • Comes with an integrated drain plug, to drain out excess water.

9. Baby Brielle Portable Collapsible Infant to Toddler Bath Tub with Cushion Insert & Water Rinser

Baby Brielle Portable Collapsible Infant to Toddler Bath Tub with Cushion Insert & Water Rinser

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Advanced features are the strength of this baby bathtub. It has a unique drain stopper that can change colour if the water reaches 98.6-degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent heat loss, the bottom has been insulated. That means your baby can enjoy a warm bath for a longer time.

It even features a foot massage mat that also increases grip on your child’s feet and prevents skidding. As a matter of fact, the foldable baby bathtub also features a non-slip design and the locks at the bottom keep it safe from unwanted rocking.

Key features:

  • High-quality construction doesn’t have any bad smell and is safe for your baby’s skin
  • Compact and foldable design for portability and storage.
  • The water rinser cup is ideal for any kid between 0 to 6 years old.

8. Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Tubs 3 in 1 Smart Sling

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Skip Hop has made a bathtub with a 3 stage design that is perfect for your growing baby. It gives you ultimate versatility and stands out from the rest due to its well thought out design. At stage 1 or when your baby is a newborn, you can use the infant sling with soft mesh design and smooth rounded edges. When on stage 2, the sling is partially rolled up for your baby to enjoy a bath while sitting.

Finally, if your baby is over 6 months old at stage 3, then you can remove the sling for a spacious bathtub. It certainly has a BPA, phthalate as well as PVC-free construction therefore, no harms will occur to your baby.

Key features:

  • Hanging the tub is easy with the swivelling hook
  • Can support baby till they weigh 25 pounds.
  • It rather has two different positions. Firstly, the high position allows for obtaining full-body support. Whereas the lower seat is perfect for support whenever the infant is seated.

7. Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tubs for 0-12 Months

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The Munchkin Sit and Soak is a baby bathtub with a sleek design that looks great and doesn’t lack in functionality. Even though it has plenty of room for your baby, it is compact enough to fit inside most sinks, tubs and showers. So, let your baby splash around water as much as they want without any worries. The tub has a backrest of soft foam and is designed to let your baby have a seated position.

This keeps their head safe and eliminates half of your task. At the centre, you also get a bump to provide support for your baby and prevent sliding. The tub is shaped to maintain optimum water level that keeps your baby covered and warm instead of exposing their upper body to cold air. After you are done with the bath, just reach for the pull tab to drain out soapy water into the sink.

Key features:

  • Convenient baby bathtub handle to lift and easily carry the bathtub or hang it from a hook.
  • Suitable for newborn babies until they are one year old.
  • The oval shape allows your baby plenty of room to move their arms and play with toys.

6. Summer Comfort Height Infant Baby Bath Tubs

Summer Comfort Height Infant Baby Bath Tubs

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Comfort Height Tub from Summer Infant makes the bath time fun and easy. It comes with newborn bath support that lets your baby to be positioned comfortably at an incline and also keeps their head in an upward position. You can remove it and use it individually inside a sink or a large tub.

The tub also comes with a platform that raises its height significantly. As a result, brings to an optimum level that allows you easy reach for bathing your baby. No need to worry about instability since it has locking tabs that make a snug fit between the base and the tub

Key features:

  •  The platform is also used as a step stool for using it with the washbasin when your child grows up.
  • The large baby bath tub has a relaxing inclined position for your kids’ convenience as well as comfort.
  • Great for kids who are within the age of 2 years.

5. BABY JOY Collapsible Baby Bath Tubs – Portable Folding Shower Basin

BABY JOY Collapsible Baby Bath Tubs - Portable Folding Shower Basin

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Baby Joy offers you an excellent collapsible baby bath tub made from harmless and durable PP and TPR material. It has a collapsible design that converts into a full-sized baby bathtub when needed and is folded back into a compact shape for storage or transportation. Moreover, it also has safety locks that lock the folding mechanism and prevents accidents during bath time.

Besides, the cleaning process is pretty hassle-free. In fact, your child will never feel short of space in this bath tubs design.

Key features:

  • Legs have skid-resistant feet that make the stable grounding.
  • Storage slots let you keep soap bars and more.
  • Ships with a non-slippery netted sling for laying your baby in a comfortable position.

4. Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa & Shower

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Bathe your newborn in luxury and comfort with this bathtub from Summer Infant. It has been loaded with features so that it does not only meet your expectations but exceeds them. Pamper your little one all you want to give them a luxurious bath time experience. It has a calming water motion that creates a mini whirlpool inside the bathtub and soothes your baby unlike any other tub in the market.

It also has vibrating jets which create tiny bubbles that massage your baby’s delicate skin and also keeps your child entertained. You also get an integrated shower unit for rinsing out the soapy water and gentle cleaning with mild water pressure. The shower feature also has a detachable design. This means that even when your baby grows out of the tub, you can use it in a regular bathtub.

Key features:

  • The tub has double walls which provide sufficient insulation to keep water warm for a longer time.
  • Is indeed used to bathe your baby through three stages- newborn, infant and toddler.
  • Plush sling cradles your newborn ever so gently and safely.

3. SKYROKU Portable Baby Bathing Tub with Foldable Safe and Sturdy Non-Slip 

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This bathtub from Skyroku has a slim and lightweight design that lets you take it wherever you want. Even if you are going on trips or going on a visit to Grandma’s house, this bathtub is easily carried in your car. In the folded condition it has a height of just 2.7-inches. As a result, easily fits under a bed or at the side of most furniture.

You can also use the handle to hang it on the wall via a hook. Having non-slip legs, you can certainly use it on any given surface. Lastly, it features safety button buckles attached to the legs for assuring the security.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t contain harmful materials like BPA, phthalate or lead.
  • Have dual storage slots that let you store bath essentials like shampoo, soap and more.

2. BEWAVE Portable Folding Infant Bathtub & Collapsible Toddler Bath Support

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Bewave has created this bathtub with an excellent space-saving design that is easy for storage but doesn’t lack any functionality. In fact, you can use it for 3 stages, till your newborn reaches 1.5 years of age.

With a firm but soft bath cushion, your baby gets ample support until they reach 6 months. It has strong foldable legs that have high strength and can give sufficient ground clearance to extend the bathtub to its full size.

Key features:

  • Complimentary bath stool has drainage holes to prevent puddles on the seat.
  • A pair of bath ladles lets your toddler learn how to bathe himself.
  • Has been crafted from food grade PP material which isn’t harmful to your baby.

1. Shnuggle Compact Support Seat for Newborns & Wash Infants

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Shnuggle has brought to you a baby bathtub that would let you give your baby a cosy bath in safe conditions and also reduce your use of water. The bathtub is designed to work with just 2 litres of water or more for a comprehensive bath. So, you can fill it up quickly in less time and also save a few bucks on your water bill. If you pour in warm water with a temperature around 36 to 38 degrees Celsius then your baby stays warm and cozy.

The tub doesn’t require any tools since it doesn’t require any assembly. You can use it right after unboxing for bathing your baby. The bathtub is shaped with curved lines that contour well and are gentle to your newborn. Your baby also gets to rest against a large foam backrest instead of direct contact with the bathtub.

Key features:

  • Has a ridge at the middle which acts as a support for your baby.
  • Till 6 months of age, your baby gets to lay in the reclining position and after that in a sitting position till he or she reaches 1 year of age.
  • The lightweight design lets you effortlessly empty out the tub after use.

Your child deserves even a moment of joy in this entire world. While bathing, you need to keep them fully secured and nothing does that better than a portable baby bathtub.

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