Best Automatic Sliding Gate Openers with Remote Reviews

Have a big sized gate which you have installed to keep it safe from outsiders and intruders? Then you might add something a little extra for more benefits. With big gates, the prime challenge is opening and closing it on multiple occasions throughout the day. The weight and size of these gates make it extremely difficult and tiring to do it time and again. Installing the automatic sliding gate openers can actually benefit you in many ways.

Have a look at the best automatic sliding gate openers which are narrowed down after vivid understanding of overall quality. Each and every product is outstanding in its own way and has its own unique features. The detailed descriptions will reward you with more knowledge on the features.

Table of the Best Automatic Sliding Gate Openers Reviews

10. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Hardware Sliding Driveway Security Kit 

Automatic Sliding Gate Openers

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Now transform your regular iron gate into something that works without any physical efforts. Install an amazing sliding gate that’s automatic and it will help you in numerous ways. With a powerful motor, the whole process gets done with ease and without much noise also. Firstly, it has a 200W DC motor that rewards you with a working speed of 43 ft/minute. Secondly, the maximum noise level never crosses 56 dB for more comfort. Hence, the noise-less automatic sliding gate opener will cause no disturbance at all.

Furthermore, the whole hardware set-up is constructed out of stainless steel. It ensures the opener will last just as long as your gate does. Compatible with gates up to 40 ft in length and 1400 pounds of weight, this is indeed a good solution.

Key features:

  • Combination of an aluminium base and copper worm gear rather makes it long lasting.
  • Comes along with a remote that has a 100ft range.
  • Added benefits of automatic closing option which you can program like your own way.
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9. ALEKO AR1450NOR-M Rack Driven Sliding Gate Opener

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Get over the hassles and challenges of opening those huge gates. You can turn the whole manual process into a complete automated function. Do you have a gate that weighs less than 1400 pounds in total and falls within 50 ft of length? Combine it with this sliding gate opener to make it work on its own. It has a reliable construction of premium quality automatic sliding gate opener materials that will serve its purpose long enough. Next, it will also sustain harsh weather conditions with ease. The aluminium alloy chassis is totally protected against corrosion even when it is placed out in the open forever.

As a matter of fact, the whole installation process will not make you sweat and cause you troubles. As the gate opener is extremely light in weight, one single person can carry it around with ease. And can certainly install it directly on to the gates.

Key features:

  • Features remote codes which are indeed programmable and one can even erase it.
  • Automatically stops and starts reversing when encountering an obstruction.
  • Compatible with up to 100 remotes.

8. G.T.Master Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates 

G.T.Master Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates 

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Technology is witnessing new dawn in the current era. This technologically advanced gate opener is another example of something brilliant and useful. Coming from G.T. Master, this product is what you would like at your home for added safety, security and comfort. Next, it is indeed suited for gates within 1300 pounds of weight and 27ft of length. As a result, you can make your gate close or open with just a touch of a button.

However, the whole opening and closing process are enabled through remote control. In fact, this remote control automatic sliding gate opener supports up to 25 remotes for multiple users. Finally, the remote has a pedestrian mode as well for times when people are crossing the gates on their feet.

Key features:

  • Features Infrared Photocell Function for enhanced safety and protection.
  • A user-friendly auto closing function is set as per your wish for more convenience.
  • Slow stop and soft start function is rather an intelligent addition.

7. TOPENS CK700 Automatic Chain Sliding Gate Opener with Remotes

TOPENS CK700 Automatic Chain Sliding Gate Opener with Remotes

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Powerful and efficient, this gate opener understands the need for a trouble-free experience and gets it done in a jiffy. Featuring a built-in 300W automatic sliding gate opener motor, the gates will now open or close on your command. Hence, it will never need you to put in any physical efforts. It comes along with a couple of remotes that are uniquely designed to ensure your peace of mind regarding security.

Moreover, the 4 button remotes have rolling codes which you can customize as per your liking. Plus, make sure no one ever cracks the codes. Also, the gate opener is quite safe in its functionality. When it encounters any obstruction during opening/closing, it certainly stops and starts moving in the reverse direction.

Key features:

  • Has a quick selection feature for both the opening and closing of the gate.
  • The smart midway mode makes it even more user-friendly.
  • Rather set auto-close function anywhere between 1 and 99 seconds.
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6. TOPENS RK990 Automatic Rack Sliding Gate Opener for Slide Gate

Gate Opener for Slide Gate

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Gates protect your property from unwanted intrusion. And that is your most important line of defence which needs to be well-designed as well as safe. Building and installing heavy gates may save you from multiple disasters. But opening those gates manually is extremely hectic and requires a lot of effort. Getting hold of a good quality sliding gate opener like this can significantly make the whole process much easier. Now you can use just a remote to close or open your gates and also do it multiple times effortlessly.

The smart auto-shut off function indeed allows you to design the closing time of the gate as per your wish. With the choices of 30 sec, 60 sec, and 90 sec, the gates will now close on their own. Even if you have forgotten to do the needful. Along with that, the convenient midway mode and quick selection mode readily saves you a lot of time and effort.

Key features:

  • Designed with a powerful ½ HP motor for faster and responsive operation too.
  • Compatible with gates weighing up to 2200 pounds.
  • Auto-stop and reverse functionality certainly for enhanced safety.

5. Eagle-I 1/2 HP Slide Gate Operator with Remote and Receiver FSC

Eagle-I 1/2 HP Slide Gate Operator

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A pretty advanced option of automatic gate opener with premium quality features and flexibility! This will indeed work well with most residential gates. Powered by a ½ HP motor, the efficiency is brilliant and will never give you grounds to complain. It also features multiple different kinds of features to make it even more impressive in an everyday scenario.

Motor brake, open/close delay, stops & reverse, anti-tailgating and partial open are some of the user-friendly features it comes with. Moreover, there is built-in lightning and surge protection to keep the electrical function safe always.

Key features:

  • Has manual release crank which you can use during power cuts to manually open the gates.
  • Includes AC mini diamond control board for fast as well as easy installation.
  • The automatic sliding gate opener chains are rather a nickel plated for more durability.

4. ALEKO AC1400NOR Chain Driven Sliding Gate Openers

ALEKO AC1400NOR Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener

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Designed and manufactured meticulously, the AC1400 line of automatic sliding gate opener is amongst the finest and most well-designed products. This is a chain driven machine that will easily combine with any gates. However, the gates must range within 40 ft of length and 1400 pounds of weight. Specifically crafted for bigger size gates, the results and efficiency you will get out of this product are extremely impressive.

Furthermore, the built-quality of the gate opener is top notch in itself. It features an aluminium alloy chassis which is extremely durable and completely safe from corrosion damage. Above all, the same construction makes it very light in weight. Thereby making it easier to install and carry for one person.

Key features:

  • Remote codes will be indeed programmed and erased as per your need.
  • Stop as well as reverse function when any obstruction comes around.
  • One can use with up to 100 remotes.
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3. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Openers with Wireless Remotes & Roller Gate Opener

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Dies your property has a big size front gate and you wish to make it automatic? Then you can certainly have a look at this sliding gate opener. Constructed out of an all aluminium base coupled with copper worm gear, the machine is amazingly durable. In addition to that, there is a powerful 550W of DC motor that makes the gate move at 35-40 ft/min.

As a matter of fact, it restricts the noise level to just 60 dB, making sure no one faces any discomfort.

Key features:

  • Uses advanced and secure RF hopping code technology for complete security.
  • Infrared sensors help in safe movement during obstruction.
  • Designed for big gates having a maximum weight of 3300 pounds.

2. OrangeA Electric Gate Opener with Infrared Security Photocell Sensor 

OrangeA Electric Gate Opener with Infrared Security Photocell Sensor 

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This gate opener is an example of quality construction. Made out of a pure copper motor combined with a steady base, it features a shell that is dustproof as well as waterproof. As a result, the overall durability is marvellous. Plus, the whole opener is safe from corrosion and rusting completely. The 4 button remotes are indeed very convenient to use and even has a pedestrian mode for safety.

Nevertheless, the 98 ft range of the remote allows you to make full use of it even from a good distance. Lastly, the desirable weight capacity of the machine is a maximum of 2200 pounds.

Key features:

  • Adjustable thrust prevents risks of overloading.
  • Temperature protection is provided on the motor to make it safe and long lasting.
  • Advanced anti-shock stroke design adds more safety to the gate opener.

1. ALEKO AC1400ACC Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener

ALEKO AC1400ACC Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener

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This is yet another brilliant option which is again coming from Aleko. Likewise, their other products, this one also has at par excellent built quality. Next, the high-end workability will make sure of the results you can expect out of it. It only needs effort from one person for setting up as the gate opener is very lightweight and easy to handle.

In addition to that, the aluminium chassis is totally corrosion resistant and promises to last long. Also, it will easily work with long size gates within 50-ft of length, letting you with more flexibility and reliability.

Key features:

  • Certainly, comes along with 2 remotes.
  • Advanced and safe stop and reverse function ensure safety.
  • Remote codes are user programmable and user erasable.

No need for putting too much pressure in opening the heavy gates. The sliding gate openers are automated and you just can control with the remotes.

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