Top 10 Best Full Size Air Hockey Tables for Sale Reviews In 2020

Air hockey is obviously one of the best indoor games that you can play. It is full of fun and you can actually have a great time with your friends while playing the game. But to play the game, you need to have full size air hockey tables. Hence, a well-constructed table is the most essential piece of the game. It needs to have properly drilled air holes with adequate ventilation to conduct the game properly.

Having said that, the best air hockey tables buying guide prevents you from the trouble of going through the hassles of doing research. Thus, just get information and every little detail and start living the happy times.

Table of the Best Air Hockey Tables Reviews

10. Best Choice Products 54in Large Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Tables

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Now you don’t need to spend hundreds at the arcade and can enjoy a good game right at your home. It is adequately large at 4 and a half feet so that you get a lot of room to play around. It rather has holes drilled on the smooth tabletop that release air evenly throughout the table. Therefore, there is little to no friction. This way your puck wouldn’t get stuck in the middle of a good shot.

Moreover, the air is pumped out by a powerful DC motor that along with the table. Therefore, it would last you for a really long time.

Key features:

  • You don’t need to manually keep score; an air hockey table LED scoreboard on both sides does that for you.
  • You get ultimate stability without any wobbles due to the strong leg design.
  • Certainly includes a drawstring bag for storing pucks and pushers.

9. Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table

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This table from Brunswick looks quite sleek plus contemporary black and white contrasting style makes for a unique aesthetic appeal. Compared to other air hockey tables from competing manufacturers this one is huge with a length of 7-ft. Therefore, your matches are more challenging and take more time, perfect for a game night. The air flow is certainly smooth and no costs have been cut.

Furthermore, you won’t find any dead spots where the puck gets stuck or speed is reduced due to faulty construction. You can always count on the efficient blower system that uses 115 Volts and has certification from the trusted Underwriter Laboratories.

Key features:

  • A solid and sturdy model with around 150 pounds of air hockey table weight.
  • Made from MDF wood that is indeed strong and can take a lot of rough use.
  • For keeping track of your scores you get dual abacus system.

8. Best Choice Products 40-Inch Air Hockey Table

Best Choice Products 40-Inch Air Hockey Table

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You can make your man cave or game room a little more interesting with this table from Best Choice Products. Its amazing aesthetics will turn a lot of heads and make it the main party attraction that everyone would like. The air is indeed pushed from underneath the table by a powerful electric fan. As a result, it gives you reliable performance for countless hours.

Due to its decent size that is fit for all age categories, kids wouldn’t be left out. And now can have fun while adults are enjoying a good conversation. Since it isn’t full size it doesn’t clog up space and leaves room for extra decor and amenities. Unlike other tables which cross the 100 pounds weight barrier, this one is extremely light at just 16 pounds. Lastly, you can shift it anywhere you want to easily.

Key features:

  • You don’t have to manually collect the puck; the table has a return mechanism.
  • Comes with a pair of strikers and pucks each.
  • The air hockey table assembly is indeed easy and effortless.

7. Sportcraft Air Hockey Tables With Electronic Scorer

Sportcraft Air Hockey Table With Electronic Scorer

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With ice hockey graphics and solid build quality, this table gives you style as well as durability. Sometimes compromises are needed to be made and the basement or attic might become the recreational room. With other tables, you might have a problem since often the floor isn’t even leaving your room for wobbles.

However, the air hockey table leg levellers which let you adjust their position to floor unevenness. Therefore, gives you a stable table for enjoying a smooth and excellent game. You don’t need to invest extra money on strikers or pucks either. It rather ships with a pair of them both for having a fun time with your friends or family.

Key features:

  • Airflow is continuous and covers the whole table for smooth glides.
  • Assembly isn’t complicated and you can set it up with the help of instructions.
  • Certainly, no room for cheating with the electronic scoreboards.

6. Lancaster Pool Bowling Hockey Table Tennis Table

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Lancaster brings to you one of the most versatile gaming tables. It certainly lets you play hockey, pool, bowling and even table tennis with a simple switch. So you get to play 4 games without filling up the room with four tables. Next, you also get a manual scoring system to keep track of scores of both you and your opponent.

As a matter of fact, it features a compact design and for that reason, consumes very little space. The multipurpose board will indeed make suitable for all your gaming sessions.
Key features:

  • The air hockey table with integrated storage keeps all your gaming accessories.
  • Legs rather have floor protectors that prevent scratches.

5. GOPLUS Indoor Air Powered Hockey Table for Kids

GOPLUS Indoor Air Powered Hockey Table for Kids

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Goplus provides you with an electronic scoreboard which has switches for turning it on and a reset button as well. If you prefer the manual scoreboard you can keep it switched off. Your puck will always slide smooth due to the specially coated play surface area. Next, the powerful 12 volt Direct Current Motor is rather helping it to function without any glitch.

It is mainly constructed from two durable material that is resistant to corrosion and immune to rusting, PVC and MDF. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the longevity of this table and play without any worries. Above all, the legs that are full panel make your table super stable.

Key features:

  • Assembly is quick and everything you need for that comes with the table.
  • Extremely lightweight and hence it is indeed portable.
  • The motor uses around 500 mA of current.

4. Harvil Beachcomber Air Hockey Table with Overhead Scorer

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Being 7-ft long and over 3000 square inches of the play area, you get a large air hockey table that is worth every penny of its price. Firstly, it is constructed from highly dense fiberwood which is durable and provides you with unparalleled stability. Instead of flashy graphics, it has high-quality chrome corners and wood grain finish as the top rails.

The electronic scorer is placed over the table and doesn’t just show you scores. However, it makes a sound as well every time someone scores a goal.

Key features:

  • Sound from the overhead scoring unit is certainly adjusted as per convenience.
  • Uses 2 premium blowers that are rated at 100 volts.

3. GOPLUS 48-Inch Air Powered Hockey Table

md sports air hockey table

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If you are planning to buy such a table, then this will meet size that makes it suitable for everyone. With 48-inches teens, adults and even kids won’t have a problem playing this game. You can also liven up the recreational room at your workplace with this to get everyone refreshed for a productive workday. For playing in assembling, this hockey table you don’t need to worry about anything since it comes with instructions. As a matter of fact, it indeed includes all the hardware you need.

No need to do unnecessary expenditure for just assembling and installing this amazing table. Above all, you don’t have to rely on power outlets or messy cords either. The motor that powers air flow is powered by a pair of AAA batteries that are affordable. And easily available at any nearby store.

Key features:

  • Automatic electronic scorer on the lateral side and scorers in front of both players
  • Play surface has a special coat for facilitating smooth gliding
  • Interesting and hickey themed graphics are flaunted all over, as a result, give it a fabulous look.

2. FamilyPoolFun Premium Black Hockey Chrome Table

FamilyPoolFun Premium Black Hockey Chrome Table

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This premium table uses two pedestals. Therefore, your tables are stable and the puck doesn’t glide off in the wrong direction due to tilts. It can take a lot of abuse and force and won’t be shaken during an intense game. The top surface is extremely smooth and under that, you get an air blower that is used for commercial purposes. Furthermore, it pushes out air at a continuous flow tirelessly with the help of the powerful motor. Hence, it draws electricity out of any standard power outlet that you find in American homes.

With 3500 holes for blowing air, you know the surface is fully covered and friction won’t get in your gameplay. The table certainly looks awesome as well with the covering made from water-resistant PVC melamine. Furthermore, the chrome accents further highlight it. If that wasn’t enough, then the 5-year warranty that you get with this table makes it a steal deal.

Key features:

  • The motor is of high quality and has UL certification.
  • The outside cabinet is made from durable MDF wood that has the certification of CARB.
  • Huge playfield that rather covers over 3000-square inches.

1. Homewear 1921 Electric Air Hockey Tables

Homewear 1921 Electric Air Hockey Tables

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Due to the compact size of this table, this would fit in any room and give you loads of entertainment. For keeping score on either side of the players, you get abacus slide scoreboards. It is within quick reach and the score faces the opposite player. Therefore, you get easy access and there is a negligible chance of cheating.

Due to its well finished wooden construction, you don’t have to deal with the problem of rusting or rotting paint. Moreover, it would stay unaffected due to exposure to water and light.

Key features:

  • Comes with an AC/DC adapter that lets you connect the motor to a power outlet.
  • At less than 18 pounds, it is indeed light and is moved to anywhere you want.

Make your game nights interesting. Install an air hockey table and invite your friends over to have a fun time.

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