Top 10 Best AB Wheel Exercises | AB Roller Workouts Reviews In 2020

If you’re looking to strengthen your muscles and tone your abs, then going to the gym is something you need to do on a regular basis. However, you can also buy the best AB wheel roller and do exercises from home. Some of the best AB wheel exercises workout the core of the body and tone our muscles leaving looking great. In this post, we are going to help you choose the best AB roller workout to suit all fitness levels. Our honest reviews provide you with a list of the best AB wheel rollers to buy this year.

Table of the Best AB Wheel Exercises Reviews

10. Valeo Ab Roller Wheel Exercise, and Fitness Wheel

AB Wheel Exercises

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This is one of the most effective AB wheels on the market helping you tone and strengthens your back, arms, abs, and shoulders. It is sturdy and durable equipment with two non-skid wheels that offer stable sliding. You can easily roll without wobbling or slipping.  The wheel features comfortable and slips resistant grips to prevent slippage when you hit the peak of the workout. This is a lightweight and portable wheel AB wheel for easy use everywhere you go. It is a perfect choice for all levels and comes with a fitness exercise and guide.


  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Comfortable and non-slip grips
  • Sturdy and durable non-skid wheels
  • Lightweight and easy to use
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9. Sports Sweat Ab Wheel – Abdominal Exercise Wheel for  Strength Training

Sports Sweat Ab Wheel - Abdominal Exercise Wheel for  Strength Training

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This is your ideal AB wheel to get a flat tummy, strengthen and tone your abs, back and arms. It is an effective choice ideal for use at home, office or gym.  The wheel is wide at 2 inches thick to offer improved stability.  Wider wheels usually offer unrestricted movements.  The grips of the wheel are ergonomically designed to feel comfortable and avoid slippage.  You can easily remove the handles when not in use for compact storage. This coupled with a one-year warranty makes this AB wheel a great buy.


  • Removable handles for compact storage
  • Ergonomic grips for comfort
  • Wide at 2 inches for added stability
  • A free foam knee pad

8. Perfect Fitness AB Carver Roller for Core Workouts

ab wheel rollout

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The Perfect Fitness AB wheel is an extra-wide pick for unrestricted movement and improved stability. The wheel features a built-in resistance that helps offer maximum results. An interior kinetic engine designed with a steel carbon spring creates resistance and amplify the arm and abdominal workout. The grips are ergonomic and angled to help work out the core muscles and arm. They are also removable for easy storage when not in use. You also get a bonus high-density foam knee pad.


  • Ultra-wide AB roller
  • Built-in resistance through steel carbon spring
  • Ergonomic grip handles
  • Removable handles for compact storage

7. Elite Sportz Duabl Ab Wheel Roller – Ab Exercise Wheel 

Elite Sportz Duabl Ab Wheel Roller

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This is a dual AB wheel roller for added stability and unrestricted movement when doing intense workouts. It features two-smooth rolling wheels for increased confidence. The wheels are sturdy, lightweight and compact for easy use when on travels. They come fully assembled and ready for use out of the box. You can be sure of experiencing better balance and support than when using a single wheel. You also get 100 percent money back guarantee backing to buy with confidence.


  • Fully assembled for immediate use
  • Dual wheels for added stability
  • Smooth rolling wheels
  • Comfortable and firm grips
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6. POWER GUIDANCE for 6-Pack Abs and Core Workout Roller

Abs & Core Workout Roller

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The Power Guidance AB wheel is an ideal choice for core training and one of the best ways to improve your lower back and AB strength.  It is a durable construction made of durable steel and hard plastic to serve you for years. The wheel surface features a high-density rubber to prevent floor damage.  The handles are also soft, and feature foam handles for a comfortable grip. Overall, this is a single giant wheel 2 inches wide for maximum stability and ease of use. It is highly portable and easy to put together.


  • Easy to assemble and highly portable
  • Large 2-inch giant wheel for increased stability
  • Durable steel and hard plastic construction
  • Ideal for core strength training

5. LiKee Ab Wheel Roller for Training and Exercise at Home

LiKee Ab Wheel Roller for Training and Exercise at Home

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LiKee is another extra-wide wheel design offering increased stability and balance. It is an excellent option for those narrow wheels. The superior stainless steel construction and strong synthetic rubber base ensure the wheel serves you for years. The rubber is an igneous inclusion that prevents floor damage. Overall, the wheel has a maximum weight limit of 600lbs. You also get a soft knee pad bonus for easy workouts.


  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Rubber base for floor protection
  • 600lvs weight limit
  • Extra-wide design

4. Oilleus AB Roller Wheel for Abdominal Exercise

Oileus AB Roller Wheel for Abdominal Exercise

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The Oilleus AB roller is a two-wheel design with a built-in spring that generates resistance when rolling. It is a sturdy wheel with an excellent overall rolling motion to build your abs. It is a pretty simple roller and one you will use with ease. The roller features direction marks on the wheels for easy use. Overall, this is a quality, and durable roller with ergonomic grip handles for a firm and comfortable grip. The assembly is also easy with a simple insertion of the shaft into the wheels. You also get a high-quality mat for comfortable workouts.


  • Super wide rolling belt
  • Two wheel design
  • Easy assembly
  • Premium quality materials
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3. Yoga EVO Abdominal Trainer Kit – Ab Wheel Exercises

Yoga EVO Abdominal Trainer Kit

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The Yoga EVO is a versatile AB wheel that fully engages the core muscles while aligning your spine for optimum performances. It is an excellent choice for the development of triceps and delts. It also helps avoid muscular imbalance. The roller is pretty safe with durable stainless steel and PVC materials for long-lasting use. It comes with a knee pad and foam handles so that you can use it without blisters on the hand and knees. Overall, this is an excellent home gym equipment with clear instructions to get you started.


  • Safe and durable design
  • Engages all the core body muscles
  • Stainless steel and PVC
  • Foam handles and knee pad

2. Speed Complete AB Workout System by Iron Gym

 Abdominal Roller Wheel

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The Speed AB wheel is one of the best ways to strengthen and tone your lower abs, upper abs, and entire core. It is perfect equipment towards achieving those chiselled shoulders.  The wheel features a durable steel coil to offer resistance when working out. The hand grips are rubberized for a firm grip. This also helps reduce fatigue when working out. You can easily supercharge your metabolism using this roller. Overall, this is a versatile AB wheel to use on any floor safely.


  • Safe use on all floors
  • Durable steel coil for resistance
  • Rubberized pro-grip handles
  • Tones lower and upper abs

1. Odoland AB Wheel Roller – Fitness Workout for Abs

Odoland 3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit

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The Odoland AB wheel is a 3-in-1 roller kit featuring a resistance band and knee pad. The kit also comes with a carry bag for easy use everywhere you go. The three-wheel design is an upgraded version that offers excellent stability and makes it easier to use resistance straps.  You also get a free eBook with guides for starter exercises. The handles of the wheel feature an anti-slip design for safe use.  You also get a free knee pad to protect your leg from the floor when working out. Overall, this is an excellent wheel for beginner to advanced users.


  • Upgraded 3-in-1 wheel design
  • Non-slip handles for safety
  • Free knee pad
  • Resistance band included


If you need to workouts more often from the comfort of your home to tone your body and strengthen your core muscles, then getting one of these AB wheels is highly recommended. These are the best AB wheels on the market to get you living a healthy lifestyle. Choose one today and start keeping fit. Click here to read more about the dip stations.

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