10 Best Safety Bed Rails For Elderly Reviews In 2017

Safety bed rails for the elderly are designed to ensure that they can move from one place to another with ease and get into bed and ensure that they stay in bed despite the rolling and tossing on the bed. They come in different features to ensure that they meet the needs and preferences of the elderly. With age come body ache and the in ability to personally perform some tasks such as getting into and out of bed. However, with the right safety bed rail, you will be able to deliver on this objective while at the same time ensuring that they are safe. As you search through the market, the following are the top 10 best safety bed rails for elderly reviews to consider.

10. Drive Medical Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle

Safety Bed Rails

This bed rail is simple to use as the handle slides under the mattress to ensure that the elderly have a safe and secure grip when getting into bed and out of bed. Once you purchase it, it comes with three pieces only that are easy to assemble without the need to use any tools to assemble. It is stable with the addition of no-slip foam on baseboard. When not in use, you can fold it flat allowing for east storage and portability.

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9. Stander EZ Adjust & Pivoting Home Bed Rail

Safety Bed Rails

This safety bed rail delivers on stability, organization, as well as versatility. It allows for adjustability as you can adjust its length. In this, you can use it on both a bed or as a handrail. This ensures that the elderly do not fall when moving out of bed. When not in use, you can rail pivot it down to the bedside. It is easy to assemble once purchased. When moving, you can store or carry along a few personal items on its 3-pocket organizer pouch. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. In an effort to boost stability and a firm grip, it features safety straps.

8. Essential Medical Supply Standard Hand Bed Rail

Safety Bed Rails

With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, it remains stable and sturdy when in use. It is designed to help the elderly get into and out of bed. To use it, it features a securing strap to attach the rail to your bed frame. Its height is adjustable to ensure comfort under different circumstances. The handle is non-slip grip to ensure stability. When travelling, it can fit into any large suitcase with ease. The frame is also designed to deliver on durability.

7. Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail

Safety Bed Rails

This bed rail for the elderly will extend between 20”-30” to ensure they do not fall off from bed. The handle comes in handy in ensuring that you can easily stand without the risk of falling. You can position it on either side of the bed with ease and ensures that it works efficiently. It delivers on functionality as long as you do not surpass its 300-pound weight limit. The structure is strong and durable to secure it to the bed with its safety strap.

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6. AdirMed Home Adjustable Height Slip Resistant Bed Rail

Safety Bed Rails

This bed rail is made of steel material to ensure it remains strong and sturdy in the long-term. By easily sliding it under the mattress makes it ideal for use with every bed. You can easily adjust both its depth and its height to suit different needs. The backside features a storage pouch to enhance convenience where it is large enough to carry a few books and other personal items. Simply ensure that you do not surpass its 250 pounds weight limit for it to deliver on functionality.

5. Carex Health Brands Bathroom Safety Rail

Safety Bed Rails

This rail offers a stand-alone design that allows the elderly to move about, visit the toilet and use the sink as well as provide safety when getting into bed and out. It does not require any installation. In addition, you will not require any tools. Whether you want to sit or stand, it will provide you with the necessary support.

4. Safety Bed Rail by Vine

Safety Bed Rails

Despite the difference in the size of beds, it will easily adjust to fit these beds. It features a slip-free foam ensures safety and keeps the rail snugly. Before assembly, there are four pieces that are easy to assemble and install. You do not require any tools to assemble it. In an effort to ensure that it is sturdy, it features a premium steel that is strong, durable, as well as easy to clean. It is also simple to use.

3. Stander BedCane – Home Bed Assist Handle

Safety Bed Rails

This versatile bed cane can be used with several beds. It includes safety strap for the reason of ensuring safety. It features 4 pocket organizer prevents entrapment and provides storage of at least personal items. It has a heavy-duty steel structure to ensure a sturdy and durable structure. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. In addition, you can fit it on either side of the bed for convenience.

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2. Secure Adjustable Hand Bed Assist Rail

Safety Bed Rails

This bed rail is adjustable in an effort to ensure safety and security for the individual when they are in bed. It is the ideal bed rail to ensure that you can get in and out of bed easily. The handle has a 20” wide, non-slip hand grip that makes it convenient and efficient. It is made of durable powder coated steel so it serves you in the long-term. You can adjust the height and width to ensure comfort when in use.

1. Strander 30” Home Safety Bed Rail

Safety Bed Rails

This bed rail comes in handy in preventing falls from the bed or even rolling out of bed. With the weight capacity of 300 pounds, it will deliver on functionality just as required. It has a reversible feature, which allows you to use it on either side of the bed. When not in use, you can rail pivot it to 180 degrees and place it to the side of the bed.

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